Piggy-Back Shuttle Landing

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The approach of the shuttle on the 727 as it passes 7th Street South in Cocoa Beach, FL.


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December 12, 2008 "Piggy-back" Shuttle Landing Cape Canaveral, FL Photography by Jena Tuntas at 7th St. South Cocoa Beach, FL

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approx. 2:43pm should be coming from this direction...soon!

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Another glorious day in paradise...watching history being made.

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www.atawhisper.com/pv.htm Growing up in Cocoa Beach, FL in the 60's and 70's, I saw men orbit the earth and land on the moon. It was a part of history, and I was fortunate to be so close. Though I've seen shuttles take off and land, this is the first time I've ever observed one come in on the plane piggy-back! It was amazing. The previous shots were taken from the ramp to the beach on 7th Street South in Cocoa Beach. For a short video of the approach, and for other videos of shuttle launches go to: Hope you enjoyed!

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