Unit 3 Simple and Compound Sentences

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Unit 3 : 

Simple versus Compound Sentences Professor Andrea Sunnaa Unit 3

Good writers: : 

Good writers: Often combine two simple sentences into one longer sentence. This is called a compound sentence. Simple sentences: Cal Poly and Mt.SAC are good schools. 2 subjects + 1 verb Maria works and studies at night. 1 subject + 2 verbs Maria and Li work and study at night. 2 subjects + 2 verbs

Compound Sentences: : 

Compound Sentences: Are two sentences joined by a connecting word: such as and but so They always use a comma (,) A compound sentence has two subjects and two verbs. Susan studies English, and Mike studies Spanish. Some people prefer coffee, but most people prefer tea.

Simple or Compound? : 

Simple or Compound? 1. California and Oregon export food to much of the U.S. 2. California exports strawberries, and Oregon exports blackberries to Canada. 3. California and Oregon import corn and export berries. 4. California has good weather, so many foods grow easily here. 5. The cookies have one cup of peanut butter, one egg, and one cup of sugar.

Answers : 

Answers 1. Simple 2. Compound 3. Simple 4. Compound 5. Simple

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