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República Bolivariana de Venezuela Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educación Superior Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin Facultad de Humanidades y Educación Escuela de Comunicación Social Ingles V Sección: S-511 Integrante: Mieles Astrid C.I.: 20280051 Final Project of my Life

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Hi, there! My name’s Astrid Mieles. I level 5 English class. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo. I’m 19 years old and I study mass communication at URBE . My favorite subject is photography communication... I love music, sleep, eat, hang out with my friends, stay with my family. I do not like getting up early on weekends and I hate Sundays and Mondays About me…

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Level 1 All about me People in my life In this picture are people in my life my dad the fat .. hahaha my brother and my mom love them and are the most important thing I have in my life that day was my brother's communion My Memories My days at school were the best friends, classmates, teachers were the best. Although the nicest thing to me left over from those days has been my friend Zuletmy with which we share and always remember the things that happened at school.

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Level 2 Let´s Eat Foods we Like In fact, everything that has to do with food I like. I like sweet and savory foods, the bittersweet not to my liking. Among fruits I like the apple, pear, strawberry and blackberry. Between meals of rice, meat, poultry and many other. I love eating. Eating Out When I go out with my family to eat out, we all love going to the meadow to eat barbecue, which is chicken, beef, pork, chicken soup or meat. The restaurant is called El Fogon de Mayoya are very attentive waiters are always outstanding customer that well and quietly enjoy the meal. It is an excellent restaurant climate feels like you're in the field.

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Level 3 Unsolved Mysteries A Detective is on the case In my house, something was lost forever if clothes, money and even if the food does not know who the thief was a mystery. One day my mom came up with the idea of leaving money on the kitchen table and went to bed and go to our neighbor's house and when my mom woke up found her put the money in his pocket, so we knew who was the main put her things in the house. Mysteries of the World The world is full of many mysteries in my house are many things at least at night I always see a black shadow that haunts me say this is wrong and my computer chair is a person or ghost that watches my dreams my mom says it might be an angel who cares for me even though I do not think so.

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Level 4 Today´s Trends Modern Family Trends My family is very modern well not so much, my dad loves fashion things that if the clothes or phones, cars, my mom also is the same and my brother also has a Nintendo Wii that likes to take long playing for their friends and also I love the new trends. In Style Things I really like things with style, I love to be fashionable but most of the time I create my own fashion, my hair, I saw, I made up like I like, and my friends and my boyfriend loves .

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Level 5 In The Neighborhood Running Errands My dad does not like make parts of their daily activities, so I'll almost always helped by the bank to cancel the cards, I help him do almost all household errands. And my mom is the same. In The Neighborhood My house is in the Pomona in the Urbanizacion El Pinar is a somewhat quiet comfortable to live in front of my building there is a big field to play all kinds of urbanization is very large.

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Level 6 Student Life Starting Out When I started school, she was just six years, school was very well I always had good grades always had very good behavior was never really liked studying problematic and it was a smart girl, well I still am hahaha. After Graduation After leaving high school who were very nice moments spent with my friends, go to college and things changed a lot is not the same be in school at that university teachers are different is a new way to assess and are much more demanding than in school but I'm not complaining because I love to be in college

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Reflection… I want to thank you Professor Doris thanks to you in these last two English 4 and 5 I Do learn a lot though I did a little difficult to understand here we go. His classes are getting better, are very dynamic is a good way to learn a bit more about the English. Thank you very much

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