317 Stainless Steel with High Tensile Strength by Astec INC

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most commonly used 317 and 317L stainless steel with high tensile strength in high temperature. 317L SS also gives good resistance to sensitization at elevated temperatures. commonly used application of 317 and 317L Stainless steel sheets, plates and coils are textile equipment's, chemical equipment's, food processing, fossil condenser etc.


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Stainless Steel Grade 317 | Astec INC

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Stainless Steel Grade 317 is a low carbon austenitic Stainless steel that offer improved corrosion resistance over 304 stainless steel grade. Some of the major benefits of using stainless steel grade 317 are: Better general and localized corrosion resistance compared to 316 stainless steel. Good Formability and Weldability Increased resistance to chemical attack from acids. Lower carbon content leads to resistance to sensitization when welded.

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Non- magnetic Corrosion resistance: All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion. Low alloyed grades resist corrosion in atmospheric conditions highly alloyed grades can fight corrosion in most acids alkaline solutions and chloride comportment environments even at raised temperatures and pressures. High and Low temperature resistance: Some grades will repel topping and maintain high strength at very high temperatures while others show excellent hardiness at cryogenic temperatures. Strength: The cold work hardening properties of many stainless steels can be used in strategy to decrease material thicknesses and lessen weight and costs. Other stainless steels may be heat treated to make very high strength apparatuses. Hygienic Properties: The clean ability of stainless steel makes it the leading choice in hospitals kitchens food and medicinal processing facilities. Astec INC Stainless steel merchants in Mumbai the company since 1998 and reliable Stainless steel sheets/plates delivering best products and services to varied sector of industries worldwide. Astec INC is also the proud member of various well- known agencies like chamber of commerce including MASSMA EEPC FICCI FIEO and INDIAN MERCHANTS CHAMBER etc.

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Holding large stocks of Stainless steel Plates Stainless steel Coils Stainless steel Sheets with extensive product stroke up and supplying or exporting all major grades of Stainless sheets/plates. Get in Touch: http://astec.in/ astec.in/stainless-steel-sheets/duplex-steel- sheet-plate-coils/ Contact: +91 22 67496173 / +91 22 6639 4990 Email: astecincorpgmail.com Mumbai India.

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