The Stainless Steel Merchant in Mumbai


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The stainless steel merchants, exporters and stockholders with pioneer approache to deliver the best and esteem services to our diverse clients.


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ASTEC INC. T H E S T A I N L E S S S T E E L M E R C H A N T I N M U M B A I Stainless Steel Sheets are the iron alloys which has at least 10.5 of chromium in its composition. There are also other alloy elements which are added to enhance its properties structure. These elements can be Nickel copper Molybdenum Titanium etc. Non metal additions like Carbon nitrogen are also done. The major requirement of a stainless steel Sheet/Plate is that it must be Anti- corrosive for a given environment applications. There are five types of SS classified according to their crystalline structure. Three of which have specialized properties which are:  Martensitic  Precipitation Hardening  Duplex

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At “ASTEC” We hold a comprehensive stock of 200 | 300 | 400 SERIES STAINLESS STEEL SHEETS |PLATES |COILS of following grades Ready to deliver. 200 Series SS Sheets Plates Coils –202 SS 300 Series SS Sheets Plates Coils –304/304L SS –308 SS –309 SS –310 SS –316/316L/316Ti SS –317L SS –321/321H SS –347H SS 400 Series SS Sheets Plates Coils –410 SS –420 SS –430 SS

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