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Ali Salman Trading Company is the leading flanges suppliers in UAE will give the best quality flanges all over UAE. Visit: flanges suppliers in UAE. Visit: http://astc-me.com/flanges/


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What are Flanges ● Flanges are used to connect valves pumps other equipments to form a piping system. ● Flanges makes cleaning and examination of the piping system more easy ● It is the second most joining method after welding

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What kind of materials are used to make Flanges ● Stainless steel ● Cast iron ● Aluminium ● Brass ● Bronze ● Plastic

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Types of Flanges ● Threaded flanges ● Socket-weld flanges ● Slip-on flanges ● Lap joint flanges ● Weld neck flanges

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● Also known as screwed flange ● Uses a thread inside the flange bore ● Speedy and simple Threaded flanges

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● Fillet welding is done from outside ● Suitable to low pressure and temperature system Socket-weld flanges

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● Fillet welded from both inside and outside ● Available in larger sizes ● Suitable to low pressure and temperature system Slip-on flanges

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● Has two components - a stub end and loose backing flange ● Stub end is butt welded to the pipe ● Stub is usually made with carbon Lap joint flanges

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● High integrity because of butt welded with pipe ● Used in high pressure and temperature applications Weld neck flanges The main flanges suppliers in UAE will provide all the above mentioned flanges.

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Contact us ALI SALMAN TRADING COMPANY LLC Baniyas Square-14th Road Dubai UAE. Call :04- 2287694 Email :infoastc-me.com Visit : http://www.astc-me.com

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