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Math and Science Club


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Interstate 35 Math and Science Club By Blake Findley, Taylor Wiggins, Kala Busby, Payton Brass, Kelsey Ashby, and Mrs. Johnson

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1. To increase the number of students taking four or more years of math and science. 2. To increase the enrollment in the challenging math and science classes such as: Analysis, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, etc. 3. To increase awareness of careers involving math and science. 4. To help students that are struggling with math and science. 5. To provide students a unique opportunity for community service. Objectives

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Biweekly meetings Math and Science Students of the Month Pi Day Tutoring Fundraiser/Recycling Promotion Math and Science Engineering Expo Green Week Youth International Service Day Activities

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The Math and Science Club meets every two weeks at 7:30 a.m. What occurs during these meetings Planning of upcoming activities Brainstorming of other possible activities If there is extra time, working on math and science homework or helping others with math and science homework What Do We Do in Our Meetings?

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Chosen by the four math and science teachers Each month, one math and one science student is selected Winners get to choose ten dollars worth of school supplies and/or food and drinks. Students of the Month

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From Left to Right: Carly Winchell, Brandon Truman, Taylor Wiggins, Chelsea Dykstra, Kaley Chicoine, Matt Heckman, and Amber Cleghorn Math and Science Students of the Month *This picture is of all of the Math and Science Students of the Month

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The Math and Science Club sold Bakers Square pies on Pi Day during lunch to raise money for Green Week and other activities We sold each slice for two dollars and sold over two hundred and fifty dollars worth of pie Every Math class celebrated Pi Day by having students bring a round dish or food in a round container In some math classes, students competed to sell Pi, the actual number 3.14. This was a week long process that occurred the week of Pi Day Pi Day (3/14)

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Pictures of Pi Day

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During their study hall, students in the Math and Science club tutor Middle School students in math and science The teachers say that the Middle School students are benefiting from the tutoring and that test and quiz scores are improving Tutoring

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The Math and Science Club sponsored a collection of cell phones, ipods, ink cartridges and other materials This served as a fundraiser for the Engineering Expo and prizes for the Students of the Month The amount of money raised has yet to be determined Also served as a promotion for recycling because it encouraged students and faculty to recycle electronic items Fundraising/ Recycling Promotion

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On April 23-24, students will be competing in different Math and Science competitions at the Engineering Expo in South Dakota. Competitions include Duct Tape Competition Write-a-do-it Engineering Expo

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April 20-24, week of Earth Day Monday- Plant a Tree Day Tuesday- Recycling Day We will go through the trash and remove all of the recyclable items and display them in the School Commons Wednesday- Earth Day/ Half-lights day Teachers will only turn on ½ of their lights throughout the day Thursday- Conservation, Earth Day Trivia in Advisory Friday-Wear Green Day Green Week

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April 25, 2009 The Math and Science Club will help clean Gerry Allen Park in New Virginia and get it ready for summer use International Youth Service Day

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From Left to Right: Taylor Wiggins, Kala Busby, Mrs. Samantha Johnson, Payton Brass, and Blake Findley The Founding Members

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Back Row: Anthony Spoerl, Colton Hurst, Taylor Wiggins, James White, Emily Larkins, Jelena Jesdimirovic, Blake Findley Sencond Row: Mrs. Stephanie good, Kelsey Ashby, Kala Busby, Tricia Clingman, Kate Bobst, Ashley Mattson, and Alison George Third Row: Alison Schultz, Katelyn Anderson, Payton Brass, Annie Seely, and Sarah Smith Front Row: Mrs. Samantha Johnson and Mrs. Kelly Myers The Math and Science Club

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More Pictures

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Mrs. Samantha Johnson Mrs. Kelly Meyers Mrs. Stephanie Good Mr. Tim Busby Mr. Charron Mr. Bill Maske Mrs. Brenda Erickson Math and Science Symposium Officials A Special Thanks To:

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