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Is television an idiot box or an information box?


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Television Informative (Educational) Knowledge gaining A source of communication Entertainment Helps in imagination and creative thinking Weather Forecast


Television Television is an electronic media which also serves as an integral part of electronic media. It has both positive and negative effects. It is also a teaching tool for young children learning right from wrong. Example: A television show named “Small Wonder”.

Tremendous Advantages of Television:

Tremendous Advantages of Television There are channels like National Geographic Channel, History Channel and Discovery Channel which not only helps children but also helps adults. Cheap access than any electronic media available. Television gives clear idea of what is happening in the world.

Clashes of advantages:

Clashes of advantages Television serves as disadvantage to most of the children. Majority of the children lack interest in watching informative shows, they say “Oh Man” or “This documentary makes me sick”. Smaller kids on watching violent cartoon contents like tom & jerry use it for them as an advantage.


Solutions Some funny interesting shows to be broadcasted to children where information to be also served by the side! Example: MTV, Jetix, ESPN, Pogo, etc… There are even cartoon shows with less violence which can be shown to kids. Example: Cartoons in Pogo are eligible for smaller kids to watch.


Problems There are many people who cultivate an hobby of watching television serials continuously like 24X7. They become totally slave and jailed into it. Telecasting commercials in middle of every show serves as disadvantage like it’s a good trap of getting customers to buy their products.


Prevention Be “Casual” of what you watch. If casual cannot be brought in hold, do some work like kitchen work, bringing juice from refrigerator, cutting apple not infront of television during break time. For television serial addicts, the solution which can be given is “think practical” Or “Go out somewhere with your family or friends or alone (Pass sometime outside)”.


Problems Children watching for long period of time affects: Eyes and Nerves Encourages you to Bunk classes Reduces Stamina Affects Sleep Reduce influence with outside world if gets more insane


Solutions Keep up distance from television about 1 or 2 meters away or provide television screen which reduces affecting eyes and nerves. Try not to watch television switching off all the light. Go out to have some fresh air like going to beach, park or taking evening walk.


Solutions Sacrificing sleep and studies for television is really stupid because the same episode and same show will be broadcasted again on next day or by the end of the week. If its not broadcasted again, the next episode or next show will be more perfect which will compromise your mind for losing previous week television show. After all, television is not our life.


Problems The proliferation of new channels that provides additional educational opportunities also provides opportunities for children to be exposed to more inappropriate content than ever before. It is not uncommon for children to have access to movies and programs intended to be viewed only by mature audiences.


Problems The unfettered access to adult material by children appears to manifest itself in a variety of different ways where most people would agree that today’s children are more aware of adult themes (such as sex and violence) at an earlier age than ever before.


Solutions Creating hobbies like stamp collection, writing stories, poems, gardening, shopping or cooking are only to escape from this problem. Communicating with people in and around irritates you to watch such content. Spend some time for playing videogames or reading magazines relating your favorite subject like automobiles, computers, etc


Solutions These days, movies are broadcasted according to these following categories in channels like Star Movies before starting the movie: U ( can be viewed by all ages) UA (can be viewed by 13 or above) A (can be viewed by 18 or above)

Disadvantages Relating To Cartoons:

Disadvantages Relating To Cartoons As per people point of view, they say Violent content Adult content Reduction of mental growth Increases aggressiveness Develops clear addiction to comic books

Advantages relating to Cartoons:

Advantages relating to Cartoons Influence over comic books promotes a person in learning new idea on seeing words elaborated in such a way that a reader wish to read the entire book and later encourages him/her to start their own comic pictures… This is how many cartoon characters have been created. Comic drawers have greater imagination than a non-comic drawer.

Advantages relating to cartoons:

Advantages relating to cartoons Adult type cartoons are mostly censored in television. They don’t get license to be telecasted if it gets report abuse by several people. Most of those irrelevant inappropriate contents are accessed in websites. Aggressiveness is a natural phenomena for human beings.

Advantages relating to Cartoons:

Advantages relating to Cartoons Watching long time based upon cartoons which are too childish makes a child’s thinking immature, which means that child should quit cartoons and pass on to other channels. Diversion is the only cure. Cartoons are also source of entertainment which encourages creative thinking and imagination. English Language can be improved.

Good Cartoon Shows:

Good Cartoon Shows BEYBLADE Will power makes impossibilities win. Tyson – Never Give-up, Stubborn Kai Hiwatri – Confidence, boldness, Lone wanderer, Different Ray – Passionate, Kind-hearted Max – Patriotic, Enthusiastic kenny – Genius

Good Cartoon Shows:

Good Cartoon Shows COURAGE, THE COWARDLY DOG Bottom Line: How a cowardly dog faces tough scary situations in bold manner. POWER PUFF GIRLS: Save the World!

Good Cartoon Shows:

Good Cartoon Shows JOHNNY BRAVO A mama boy who gets beaten by girls while proposing or asking for a date showing his biceps (muscles). MARTIN MYSTERY A French Cartoon in TV5 relating to adventures and also gives entertainment. Also broadcasted in Jetix in local languages too.


Conclusion In spite of television being an idiot box, the solutions replaces over the idiot box where it still remains an “Information Box”. Hence I conclude that television is an “Information Box”.

Any Suggestions Or comments?:

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