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Promotion Mix:

Promotion Mix Submitted by: Ashok Kumar M


What is PROMOTION MIX ? Set of tools used by business Effective communication of benefits of products or services Part of wider ‘Marketing Mix’

Importance of Promotion Mix:

Importance of Promotion Mix For the survival of a firm in today’s market Effective communication with the customer about a firm’s product or service Manage this within the firm’s budget

A Successful Promotion Mix:

A Successful Promotion Mix Balance of tools in a planned and structured manner Selection of the right mix of promotional activities Combination depends on 1) Target audience 2) Message to be communicated 3) Budget available

Tools of Promotion Mix?:

Tools of Promotion Mix? Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Direct Marketing Personal Selling


Advertising Hero Honda Advertise through bill boards and TV channels to reach target audience with information (creating awareness) Hero Honda Sponsors sports events (promoting product & company benefits) Customer Service also a good promotional tool for Hero Honda (by constantly repeating key messages) It is to be conducted regularly in a consistent & recognizable manner Typical advertising media- yellow pages, local newspapers, radio, trade journals, exhibitions, websites

Public Relations:

Public Relations Hero Honda sustained attempt to develop the reputation of a business Hero Honda choose this cost effective method of promoting business Hero Honda position business more prominently To announce new product launches, change in opening times of company, etc : News or press releases -> media Articles -> trade journals/local newspapers Sponsorship/Charitable donations

Sales Promotion:

Sales Promotion Hero Honda is making sales promotion specific, usually short-term promotion Hero Honda using this sales promotion to move old stock Merchandise new products Encourage repeat buying To motivate the staff Hero Honda sales promotion helps A means of attracting new customers

Factors influencing the combination:

Factors influencing the combination Analysis of the target audience Message to be communicated Budget of the firm Development plans Identification of actions that the audience may take on receiving the communication Monitor and measure the results

A ten-step checklist:

A ten-step checklist Decision on how the products and services can be packaged Develop a profile of the target audience Set the objective Decide what image of the product/service firm’s wants the audience to retain Settle on budget How the message has to be delivered

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Decide what actions the firm wants audience to take as a result of receiving communication Means of measuring and controlling the plan once it is developed Undertaking the promotional plan Measure what has been achieved against the original objectives that had been set



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