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A company has created a policy to allow employees to use their personally owned devices. The Chief Information Officer CISO is getting reports of company data appearing on unapproved forums and an increase in theft of personal electronic devices. Which of the following security controls would BEST reduce the risk of exposure A. Disk encryption on the local drive B. Group policy to enforce failed login lockout C. Multifactor authentication D. Implementation of email digital signatures Answer: A CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 1

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A penetration tester noticed special characters in a database table. The penetration tester configured the browser to use an HTTP interceptor to verify that the frontend user registration web form accepts invalid input in the user’s age field. The developer was notified and asked to fix the issue. Which of the following is the MOST secure solution for the developer to implement A. IF AGE “_+”:” THEN ERROR B. IF AGE 1234567890 13 THEN CONTINUE C. IF AGE “a-bA-Z_+””THEN CONTINUE D. IF AGE 1-0 02 THEN CONTINUE Answer: B CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 2

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A medical device company is implementing a new COTS antivirus solution in its manufacturing plant. All validated machines and instruments must be retested for interoperability with the new software. Which of the following would BEST ensure the software and instruments are working as designed A. System design documentation B. User acceptance testing C. Peer review D. Static code analysis testing E. Change control documentation Answer: A CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 3

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An organization is engaged in international business operations and is required to comply with various legal frameworks. In addition to changes in legal frameworks which of the following is a primary purpose of a compliance management program A. Following new requirements that result from contractual obligations B. Answering requests from auditors that relate to e-discovery C. Responding to changes in regulatory requirements D. Developing organizational policies that relate to hiring and termination procedures Answer: C CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 4

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A government organization operates and maintains several ICS environments. The categorization of one of the ICS environments led to a moderate baseline. The organization has complied a set of applicable security controls based on this categorization. Given that this is a unique environment which of the following should the organization do NEXT to determine if other security controls should be considered A. Check for any relevant or required overlays. B. Review enhancements within the current control set. C. Modify to a high-baseline set of controls. D. Perform continuous monitoring. Answer: C CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 5

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While attending a meeting with the human resources department an organization’s information security officer sees an employee using a username and password written on a memo pad to log into a specific service. When the information security officer inquires further as to why passwords are being written down the response is that there are too many passwords to remember for all the different services the human resources department is required to use. Additionally each password has specific complexity requirements and different expiration time frames. Which of the following would be the BEST solution for the information security officer to recommend A. Utilizing MFA B. Implementing SSO C. Deploying 802.1X D. Pushing SAML adoption E. Implementing TACACS Answer: B CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 6

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The Chief Information Officer CIO wants to increase security and accessibility among the organization’s cloud SaaS applications. The applications are configured to use passwords and two-factor authentication is not provided natively. Which of the following would BEST address the CIO’s concerns A. Procure a password manager for the employees to use with the cloud applications. B. Create a VPN tunnel between the on-premises environment and the cloud providers. C. Deploy applications internally and migrate away from SaaS applications. D. Implement an IdP that supports SAML and time-based one-time passwords. Answer: B CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 7

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A company contracts a security engineer to perform a penetration test of its client-facing web portal. Which of the following activities would be MOST appropriate A. Use a protocol analyzer against the site to see if data input can be replayed from the browser B. Scan the website through an interception proxy and identify areas for the code injection C. Scan the site with a port scanner to identify vulnerable services running on the web server D. Use network enumeration tools to identify if the server is running behind a load balancer Answer: C CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 8

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An agency has implemented a data retention policy that requires tagging data according to type before storing it in the data repository. The policy requires all business emails be automatically deleted after two years. During an open records investigation information was found on an employee’s work computer concerning a conversation that occurred three years prior and proved damaging to the agency’s reputation. Which of the following MOST likely caused the data leak A. The employee manually changed the email client retention settings to prevent deletion of emails B. The file that contained the damaging information was mistagged and retained on the server for longer than it should have been C. The email was encrypted and an exception was put in place via the data classification application D. The employee saved a file on the computer’s hard drive that contained archives of emails which were more than two years old Answer: D CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 9

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A recent assessment identified that several users’ mobile devices are running outdated versions of endpoint security software that do not meet the company’s security policy. Which of the following should be performed to ensure the users can access the network and meet the company’s security requirements A. Vulnerability assessment B. Risk assessment C. Patch management D. Device quarantine E. Incident management Answer: C CAS-003 Exam Dumps Question 10

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