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How to Conduct a PERT Analysis:

How to Conduct a PERT Analysis Presentation by Ashley Novak PHC 6196 Summer 2012

What is PERT?:

What is PERT? P rogram E valuation R eview T echnique

The PERT Planning Process:

The PERT Planning Process Identify the specific activities and milestones Determine the proper sequence of the activities Construct a network diagram Estimate the time required for each activity Determine the critical path Update the PERT chart as the project progresses

Constructing the Network Diagram:

Constructing the Network Diagram PERT Chart

Estimating Activity Times:

Pessimistic Estimate Optimistic Estimate Most Likely Estimate Expected time  =  ( Optimistic  +  4 x Most likely  + Pessimistic ) / 6 Variance = [ (Pessimistic – Optimistic ) /6 ] 2 Estimating Activity Times

Determining the Critical Path:

Determining the Critical Path

Take Home Lesson:

Take Home Lesson Update the PERT chart as project progresses!! Benefits: Expected project completion time Probability of completion before a specified date The critical path activities that directly impact the completion time The activities that have slack time and that can lend resources to the activities Activity start and end dates


References http://www.netmba.com/operations/project/pert / http://krypton.mnsu.edu/~tony/courses/609/PERT/ tech.html

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