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Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: A cross-sectional study :

Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: A cross-sectional study A study done by Karen Beekman Eden Presentation by: Ashley Novak PHC 6196

The Way of the Future:

The Way of the Future


Methods: Q3 : What factors influence the purchase? Q4: Which IT features are selected? Q5: Who (within the practice) customizes the IT? Q6: Is time given to learn the IT? Q7: What are the clinical and office staff members' perceptions of this IT's impact on several office activities (e.g., scheduling, communication, quality reporting)? Q1: Who selects IT for a physician practice (e.g., administrators, clinicians, computer specialists)? Q2: What selection steps are used?

Statistical Evaluation:

Statistical Evaluation ✔ Scheduling ✔ Financial Analysis ✖ Communication

Results & Discussion: Scheduling Activities:

Results & Discussion: Scheduling Activities “The software has improved scheduling of patients for routine, preventive and urgent appointments.” “The software has improved the referral process in sending and receiving referrals quickly”

Results & Discussion: Financial Analysis:

Results & Discussion: Financial Analysis “The software has created a more accurate and timely billing process.” “The software has improved the practice’s ability to track and analyze costs and revenues associated with managed care contracts.”


Limitations Smaller physician groups Recall error Active list of recent software purchases Not all variables measured


Conclusions Is there a relationship between IT selection and staff perceptions of the IT’s impact? YES! Purchasers had similar perceptions as users did

Thank you!:

Thank you! Selecting information technology for physicians' practices: a cross-sectional study. Eden KB et al. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak . (2002)

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