Safety Tips for Working at Heights

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An unfortunate fact is that the most severe work related in j u ry ’s and deaths are from falls. Most of these accidents are entirely preventable. It is now required that both employer and employee implement best safety practice in planning to prevent falls from height while at work. Anybody more than 2 meters 6 feet from the ground is at risk of injury if they fall. The human and economic cost of a serious fall is catastrophic to the individual and to his family and at the same time also to the employer since most falls are serious and the consequences can be death or serious injury. An HSE investigation will immediately follow a fall and the result of that investigation will determine liability if the business and it’s owners are determined as liable negligent it can invalidate their insurance and can also lead to criminal prosecution fines litigation bankruptcy and also family breakdown and lasting damage to their reputation. For the poor individual who has fallen a fall can result in death or a life changing injury with the loss of future income and the ability to provide. In many cases the individual is left

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without the proper recourse to any or adequate financial compensation leading to family devastation and life time impoverishment. The above sounds like scare mongering and it is because it happens often enough to be sadly true as such incidences occur every year. The unfortunate thing is these accidents and serious outcomes from potential falls are mostly avoidable. So why take the risk of leaving yourself and workers poorly equipped and trained. Assuming responsibility and understanding the various and changing working risks to yourself and your employees they are engaged in on the companies behalf is the first step you can take. Correctly assessing in consultation with trained safety consultants what the potential risks are and coming up with the correct fall protection plan and making sure it is implemented by procuring the correct height safety equipment and the training that is needed to prevent falls and increase safety. The aim should be to go far beyond minimal compliance and by doing so you are encouraging and fostering a culture of safety at the same time growing a reputation that says you value best and safe working practice in your organization.

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Planning can be quite complex with much variation to consider when putting together a fall protection height safety strategy. You will need to visit the site and decide how the work is to be undertaken and then assess the risk and locate where the potential fall hazzards are where the leading edges are and then decide the most suitable safety harnesses lanyards and type of anchorages that are required. Another important aspect of planning your fall prevention strategy stage is to produce a written height safety plan. The plan must highlight dangers and the fall protection equipment that needs to be deployed to reduce the risks. Also importantly a rescue plan must be in place in the case that the worker has fallen and is suspended at height. The plan must be communicated and known by all those on site and written instructions and the correct rescue equipment located in a known place. Those employed on site should be familiar and trained in case of rescue in accordance with procedures outlined in the plan. Although not all circumstances require a safety plan having one providing instruction and properly and repeatedly communicating it to your workers will ensure that they are familiar with safety. This is best practice and will act as a good record for HSE executives in case an accident occurs.

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Workers who are 2 meters or more above lower levels are required to use fall protection equipment such as personal fall arrest systems guardrails or safety nets and it is your responsibility to select the right job-specific fall protection equipment and ensure your workers use it therefore it is critical to supply them with the most suitable fall protection product that is comfortable and reliable. It is best practice to choose quality over cost and ease of use is very important. If the person is uncomfortable in a certain a certain type of safety harness during his workday he may be tempted to take it off or more likely to fit it too loosely which can very easily render it ineffective. Therefore the most suitable and comfortable safety harnesses with the correct training is essential.

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The right safety equipment is only beneficial when it’s accompanied by adequate training. You can help prevent falls by ensuring workers learn the proper setup and safe use of fall protection equipment. They are adequately trained in how to rescue those that are suspended after a fall.

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Improve workers’ understanding by providing hands-on training that mimics actual work conditions. Let workers strap in and experience what the equipment actually feels like. They will also learn what components of the equipment need to be inspected before each use. The right safety equipment is only beneficial when it’s accompanied by adequate training. You can help prevent falls by ensuring workers learn the proper setup and safe use of fall protection equipment. Find a reliable supply partner who can advise and offer the best product and training and can make life safer. And that’s what “At Height” is to you Our range of products is wide enough to meet the client requirements: · Fall protection systems · Nailing and stapling equipment · Arm systems and components · Safety footwear and workwear · Other PPE Note: Please refer for further details

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