Scope and Objectives of HRM

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Scope of Human Resource Management:

Scope of Human Resource Management The scope to Human Resource management is very wide however we can cover up in three main headings such as Personnel Aspect welfare Aspect Industrial Relations Aspect

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Personnel Aspect : This is concerned with manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, transfer, promotion, training and development, layoff and retrenchment, remuneration, incentives, productivity etc. Welfare aspect : It deals with working conditions and amenities such as canteens, rest and lunch rooms, housing, transport, medical assistance, education, health and safety, recreation facilities, etc. Industrial relations aspect : This covers union-management relations, joint consultation, collective bargaining, grievance and disciplinary procedures, settlement of disputes, etc.

Objective of HRM:

Objective of HRM Achievement of Goals: HRM helps to achieve following goals Personal goals -HRM helps employees to achieve their personal goals, these goals related to personal development, career advancement, job security, proper reward system, compensation and promotions etc. HRM goals - HRM achieves its own functional goals such as acquisition, development, utilization and retention of capable human resources. Organizational goals – HRM helps to achieve organizational overall goals such as profit maximization, market expand, product development, growth, innovation etc Societal Goals: better relationship with society, enhance welfare of consumers, creation of employment opportunity, protection of environment and providing various service to society etc.

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Goal Harmonization : HRM aims at harmonizing goals of the employees with the organizational goal so that they can have belongings, ownership together and ultimately fulfill all of their goals together. Structure maintenance : HRM helps to maintain structure in the organization which make them clear about chain of command, relationship between jobs, position, authority and responsibility. It linked up all the position in the organization. Productivity improvement : HRM promotes and strengthen team spirit in the organization, it continues develop the employee quality, motivation and performance based incentives lead to higher productivity

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Efficiency improvement: HRM aims at avoiding wastage and promote efficiency , it ensures cost effectiveness by utilizing capable human resources. Things are done well with maximization of resource in minimum cost. Change management: HRM helps to manage change in the organization. It convince employees to be opened for change so that there is less resistance and they are ready to adopt in the changing environment. Quality of work life: HRM aims at providing good working environment as well as work relationship. So that all employees feels quality of working life. Development of human Assets: HRM combine energy and physical strength with competencies so that employee become assets in the organization.

In conclusion we can say that the objects are:

In conclusion we can say that the objects are To help the organization reach its goals. • To ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources. • To ensure respect for human beings. To identify and satisfy the needs of individuals. • To ensure reconciliation of individual goals with those of the organization. • To achieve and maintain high morale among employees. • To provide the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees.

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• To increase to the fullest the employee's job satisfaction and self-actualization. • To develop and maintain a quality of work life. • To be ethically and socially responsive to the needs of society. • To develop overall personality of each employee in its multidimensional aspect. • To enhance employee's capabilities to perform the present job. • To equip the employees with precision and clarity in transaction of business. • To inculcate the sense of team spirit, team work and inter-team collaboration.

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