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Here are some unique qualities of an optical fiber cable you should know.


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Optical Fiber Cables: A Unique Communication Medium

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Overview : Here are some unique qualities of an optical fiber cable you should know.

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An OFC cable is used for communication devices like your phone or your PC. The high transmission capacity of an optical fiber cable makes it the best transmission wires that could be used for communication across a long distance.

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Here are some unique facts about the OFC Cable you should know 1. An OFC cable is the most secure communication wire The dielectric material of the wires makes it almost impossible to tap into an OFC cable. And it is immune from any conducted or radiated interference. This makes this wire fit for expanding it through a long distance without worrying about the security.

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2. The OFC cable has a much greater bandwidth compared to a conventional copper wire A greater bandwidth implies that the wire can carry information at a much higher rate than any other conventional wire making it fit for long distance transmission. 3. Using an OFC cable causes the signal loss to minimize In a conventional copper wire the signal loss would be huge slowing down the speed of transmission. But the unique fiber cables minimize this to a mere negligible amount causing the speed to increase.

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4. OFCs can range up to 40 kilometers The conventional copper wires had a restriction of 100m range. But the optical fibers can now range up to 40 km distances without causing a problem. Various factors have a role to play in this including the fact that the wire has a much greater bandwidth and causes no signal loss and that it is a high voltage cable.

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5. An OFC is a Fireproof cable Not only is the material of the OFC fireproof but also unsusceptible to fluctuation of temperatures. The core of these cables is made of glass which makes the wire an insulator as well. Copper compared to these wires was a good conductor and easy to put on fire. Making the OFC a much better alternative..

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6. An OFC is lightweight and more durable An OFC cable is an extremely lightweight and easy to handle cable as compared to any other conventional alternative. However even after being such a small size the wire is much more durable. Its unique material makes it immune to almost any natural fluctuation.

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7. OFC cable is the most inexpensive Even after being the best at almost any quality required the OFC cable is the most inexpensive of all thealternatives.

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