PVC Pipes and Fans – Making Lives Better


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PVC-U pipes are used to transport different materials, including corrosive ones safely while ceiling fans provide relief from the hot summers.


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PVC Pipes and Fans – Making Lives Better

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Ceiling fan is an essential appliance during the summers especially in a hot and humid country like India. If you are thinking of buying a new fan you should check the buying guide written below to aid you in making the perfect choice.

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Check this buying guide to know which fans you should buy – Rating of the fan which will help you determine the efficiency of the blade. Number of blades air circulation will be better if number of blades is more Manufacturer check whether you are buying from a major brand and do n’ t forget to check their reviews on the Internet.

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Polyvinyl chloride is being widely used nowadays in various industries mainly due to its strength light weight and durability. It can be of various types but the most popular one is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride PVC-U. At present it is most widely used worldwide for different types of pipe installations.

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It does provide several advantages over its alternatives which has led to its increasing popularity – It is versatile as well as rigid. It can be used for both ground as well as underground installation of pipes. Like any other PVC pipe this too is highly resistant to all sorts of chemicals even the most corrosive chemicals cannot damage it. Hence it is easily scalable and also provides pretty good flow characteristics.

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It do es n’ t have any taste nor any smell. Thus it can be conveniently used to transport water as well as other liquids as well without any scope of damage. It can be easily withstand a wide range of temperatures 0ºC to 80ºC and pressures making it suitable for different types of work. Compared to other pipes constructed from other materials such as metals PVC-U pipes are much lighter in terms of weight hence installation is quite easy and straightforward.

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Fans and PVC-U pipes form an important of not only various businesses but also individual houses as well. Although we do n’ t give them much thought they have helped us immensely in our technological growth. When air conditioners were not yet available fans were our only choice for relief during the hot summers while PVC-U pipes have revolutionised the technology of manufacturing pipes.

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In case you are looking for the best manufacturer of fans as well as PVC-U pipes you should definitely look at Polycab one of the largest and most popular manufacturers of fans and PVC-U pipes. The author began with purchasing the polycab industrial switchgear and has been a loyal consumer of all polycab products ever since.

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Contact Us: POLYCAB WIRES PVT. LTD. Polycab House 1st Floor 771 Pandit Satawalekar Marg Mahim W Mumbai - 400 016 Maharashtra Tel.: 022-24327074 67351400 Fax: 022-24327075 Website: http://www.polycab.com/conduits-and-fittings.html

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