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This will describe you the whole process of bidding in online bidding site. For bidding in trustable site visit:


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How to bid Online in Auction Sites:

How to bid Online in Auction Sites

What is online Bidding?:

What is online Bidding? An  online  auction is a service in which auction users or participants sell or  bid  for products or services via the Internet.

About Online Bidding Sites:

About Online Bidding Sites Today with the rapid growth in technology, various businesses are switched to online like from e-commerce to e-tickets. Similarly there are various trustable site which provide online bidding, it saves travelling cost and also ease the process of bidding.

Procedure for Online Bidding:

Procedure for Online Bidding Registration Net Banking Visit Active Auction Select product for participation Place a Bid

STEP 1: Registration:

STEP 1: Registration Create a free account in auction site. Register yourself in registration panel using personal email id.

STEP 2: Net Banking Connectivity:

STEP 2: Net Banking Connectivity Before participation in bidding, you have to buy mudras or in other way some site will ask to connect with Internet Banking or by credit card etc.

STEP 3: Visit Active auction:

STEP 3: Visit Active auction Now go to the Active auction area in website, to choose products for bidding.

STEP 4: Select product for participation:

STEP 4: Select product for participation For participation in bidding, first click on product and get full details of it. You can also compare product’s cost in other place or bidding sites.

STEP 5: Place Bid:

STEP 5: Place Bid Now finally enter your amount and start bidding. You can insert multiple bid – as it is provided by various auction sites and you can also choose Auto Bid option.

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