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Effective public speaking.ppt for delivering seminars and lecture at different places.


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Effective Public Speaking : 

Effective Public Speaking

Don’t Be Afraid : 

Don’t Be Afraid Sometimes an Audience May Seem Intimidating But Always Remember….

They Are People Like You.... : 

They Are People Like You.... Imagine that you are addressing your friend or a small group of friends

A Public Speech Can Be Like a Conversation : 

A Public Speech Can Be Like a Conversation A conversation has a purpose. You should ask: What is my purpose? There are three common purposes Inform people of something they did not know Convince them to be of your opinion on the matter Move them to take action

To Be Effective, It Is Best to Prepare Your Speech : 

To Be Effective, It Is Best to Prepare Your Speech Make an outline of your case Choose your evidence and arguments Arrange them in the right order Give “road signs” to the audience so they know what to expect Create a strong opening and closing

Prepare Yourself : 

Prepare Yourself Prepare your speech or notes so you can refer to your presentation easily Dress the way you want people to perceive you Before speaking, try to find a private place to stand before a mirror, look at yourself, make sure all is ok, and say to yourself: “I can do this.”

Practice Your Speech : 

Practice Your Speech Ask a small group of friends – or even one friend – to let you practice and to give you useful tips about how to improve Learn your speech so you can refer to it without reading it Practice speaking very clearly Practice speaking – NOT reading

Practice (continued) : 

Practice (continued) Practice your hand gestures so they are natural to you Use a timer (for example, a watch) so that you will know how long you have spoken. (You may be surprised!) Listen to your friends and try to use their comments to improve your speech Decide whether you will use a podium

Making Your Speech : 

Making Your Speech Try to look in the mirror and reassure yourself first Be sure that you are introduced or that you introduce yourself Be sure that there is a glass of water for you

Making Your Speech : 

Making Your Speech Choose to use the podium or to speak without a podium If you have not been introduced, introduce yourself and thank the audience for coming Make your speech Be sure to make some eye contact with the audience

Making Your Speech : 

Making Your Speech Draw on both reason and emotion Be reasonable and calm so that you can appeal to the reason of those whom you wish to persuade Be emotional so that you can move to action those whom you wish to move to action Try not to read your speech, but to speak with the audience as you would speak with friends

Concluding Your Speech : 

Concluding Your Speech Conclude with words that tell the audience that you have finished: You may summarize: For example, “In conclusion, I have given you three reasons why this measure should be adopted.” Thank them for their attention

Dealing With Questions or Audience Response : 

Dealing With Questions or Audience Response If there is time and opportunity, invite them to a conversation If you receive questions, be polite and listen and then thank the questioner for the question, even if it is hostile When time for questions and responses is finished, thank them again for their attention

Congratulations! : 

Congratulations! You have made an effective speech. You have: Informed some fellow citizens Persuaded some fellow citizens Moved some fellow citizens to action

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