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The Social Web (Web 2.0) for learning and teaching:

The Social Web (Web 2.0) for learning and teaching


Outline What is the Social Web ? (Why) does the Social Web matter? The Social Web and policy

What is the Social Web:

What is the Social Web

What is The Social Web :

What is The Social Web Personal Customisation Look and feel Included utilities (widgets) Sense of ownership User created content Sharing Social



What is The Social Web :

What is The Social Web Personal User created content Authored Annotated Aggregated Re-mixed Sharing Social

User created content - video / audio:

User created content - video / audio Podcasts Vidcasts Recorded lectures Supporting discussion Revision talks Complex topics that can be reviewed

User created content - documents and presentations:

User created content - documents and presentations Open access repository Put course notes up Enable students (and others) to comment on them

User created content - blogs:

User created content - blogs Diaries Reflections Adverts Commentary Anything Get students to comment on each others course related blogs Course announcements Course reading lists with commentary

User created content - wikis:

User created content - wikis Encyclopedias Knowledge creation Collaborative working Group project recording Course handbooks

User created content - Social bookmarking:

User created content - Social bookmarking Reading lists Memory aid Sharing Finding Get students to rate / review content Create a course tag Create a course account on Course reading lists

User created content - Aggregating:

User created content - Aggregating Pull together all students blogs Pull together a set of relevant blogs

What is The Social Web :

What is The Social Web Personal User created content Sharing With everyone With friends / colleagues User in control Social

User in control:

User in control

What is The Social Web :

What is The Social Web Personal User created content Sharing Social Friends and Family Colleagues Peers

Friends and family:

Friends and family Facebook Myspace Beebo



Peers (students):

Peers (students)

The Social Web:

The Social Web The solution to all your problems A waste of time Will change everything Over hyped Full of exciting tools that will change how we work Full of tools that will disappear Fun Loathesome Completely different Just the same Puts the user in control Puts corportations in control Works Only geeks can use it

(Why) does The Social Web matter?:

(Why) does The Social Web matter? People are using it - including your students It opens up new possibilities Supports particular pedagogies Social constructivism Constructionism Group work Supports distributed models of learning Work based learning Distance learning

The Social Web and policy:

The Social Web and policy Intellectual property rights Ownership Re-use Control Accessibility Learning, teaching and assessment Security Personal security Network and IT Systems Security Preservation Hosting Integration

Intellectual property rights:

Intellectual property rights http://












Resources Web 2.0 for Content for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Report I wrote with Van Harmelen on Web 2.0. inludes ideas on how to use it learning and teaching 100+ Web 2.0 Ideas for Educators mostly aimed at schools but lots of good ideas University of Edinburgh's Web 2.0 Initiative Home Page A strategic approach to Web 2.0 What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education JISC TechWatch report on Web 2.0 Web 2.0 in Education Website with many links to useful resources

What is in your repository?:

What is in your repository?

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