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Hands-On Area Example Workshops

Training Manual Hands-On Area Example Workshops:

Inventory Number: 002087 First Edition ANSYS Release: 8.1 Published Date: May 24, 2004 Registered Trademarks: ANSYS ® is a registered trademark of SAS IP Inc. All other product names mentioned in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Disclaimer Notice: This document has been reviewed and approved in accordance with the ANSYS, Inc. Documentation Review and Approval Procedures. “This ANSYS Inc. software product (the Program) and program documentation (Documentation) are furnished by ANSYS, Inc. under an ANSYS Software License Agreement that contains provisions concerning non-disclosure, copying, length and nature of use, warranties, disclaimers and remedies, and other provisions. The Program and Documentation may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that License Agreement.” Copyright © 2004 SAS IP, Inc. Proprietary data. Unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication is prohibited. All Rights Reserved. Training Manual Hands-On Area Example Workshops

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5/24/2004 TOC- 3 Inventory #002087 Table of Contents ANSYS Workbench 8.1 (WS1 thru WS7) DesignModeler - Beam Modeling WS1-1 DesignModeler - Bolted Assembly WS2-1 Simulation - Modal Analysis with Point Masses WS3-1 Simulation - Nonlinear Static Analysis WS4-1 DesignXplorer - Hitch Optimization WS5-1 DesignXplorer - Design for Six Sigma Crane Hook WS6-1 FE Modeler - Pedal Sub-Assembly WS7-1 ANSYS 8.1 (WS8 thru WS13) Tabular Loads as a Function of a Local CSYS WS8-1 Contact Technology Diagnostics WS9-1 Component Mode Synthesis WS10-1 HF Emag - Phased JRM Array Antenna WS11-1 LF Emag - SOURC36 Serves as Field Source for SOLID117 Edge Flux Elements WS12-1 LF Emag - Transient Response of Parallel Plate Capacitor with 2 Layers of Lossy Materials to Step Voltage WS13-1 ANSYS ParaMesh 2.3 (WS14) Parametric Mesh-Morphing of a Truck Frame WS14-1 ANSYS ICEM CFD 5.0 (WS15 thru WS16) Pipe Junction - Internal Flow - Hex Mesh WS15-1 Missile – External Flow – Tet/Prism Mesh WS16-1 ANSYS AI*Environment 5.0 (WS17 thru WS20) Shell Meshing of Motor Bracket WS17-1 Solver Prep of a Rotor WS18-1 Hex Dominant Meshing of Elbow Pipe WS19-1 Tetra Mesh of an Engine Casting WS20-1 ANSYS CFX 5.7 (WS21) CFD Simulation for Bend Duct WS21-1

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