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Data Processing Cycle. Types of P Cycle. DP Cycle


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Vocational Training Centre, Sadaat Colony, Karachi. Fundamental Of Computer Ashfaque Ahmed Senior Instructor


Topic: Data processing Cycle Trade: Computer operator Ashfaque Ahmed Khanzada . Senior Instructor Prepared By: VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, SADAAT / SHAH FAISAL COLONY, KARACHI. Fundamental of Computer


GENERAL: Trade: Computer Operator Level of Participant: Matric Pass Course: Fundamental of Computer Number of Participants: 16 Module: 1st Subject: Theory OBJECTIVES: After completing this session, participants should be able to: Knowledge about Data Gain knowledge about Basic Data Processing Cycle Also know about Expended Data processing Cycle VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, SADAAT / SHAH FAISAL COLONY, KARACHI.


TRAINING DELIVERY MODE E-Learning Workshop Customized Training COURSE PRE-REQUISITES Metric Pass Can easy to read and write and understand English language VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, SADAAT / SHAH FAISAL COLONY, KARACHI.


TEACHING AIDS (LIST): White Board, White Board Marker, Duster Cloth, Computer System, Multimedia VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, SADAAT / SHAH FAISAL COLONY, KARACHI.


Data Processing Cycle


OR What is DATA? A fact , Figure or an information is called data Any thing needed to solve a problem and get information is called data.


Change of data into more useful form is called Data Processing What do you mean by Data Processing? Inpput Process Output


Input Process Output Basic Data Processing Cycle Data processing consists of three basic steps Input Process Output


something that is put in is called Input. An information put into a communications system for transmission or into a computer system for processing. Is called Input. What is Input ? Basic Data Processing Cycle


Computing An instance of a program being executed in a multitasking operating system, typically running in an environment that protects it from other processes. A series of actions, changes, or functions bringing about a result is called Process What do you mean by process? Basic Data Processing Cycle


The energy, power, or work produced by a system is called Output. Computers the information produced by a program or process from a specific input. What do you mean by Output? Any information made available by computer, as on a printout, display screen, or disk is called Output.. Basic Data Processing Cycle


Expended Data Processing Cycle Origination Input Process Storage Output Distribution Expended Data processing consists of Six steps Origination Input Process Storage Output Distribution


In this step original data is collected on certain documents which are known as the source documents. Origination: For example : Student record (roll no., name, address, marks, class, age). In case of error this original document is referred.


Input data are prepared in some convenient from for the processing depending on processing machine. In electronic computer Input data could be recorded on any of several types of Input medium such as magnetic tape and disks etc. INPUT :


In this step input data are changed and usually combined with other Calculation of sales information to produce data in more useful form according to instruction. Processing :


During processing some information is required or some information is to be written then the storage is used. Storage: The no. of students who passed with different grades. This information is to be written the stored information is used for further purpose. For example :


Here the results of processing step are collected. The form of out put data depends upon the use of data. Output :


income tax statement is sent to the income tax department. The output of one system becomes the input for the other. Distribution: In this step the output is distributed to the different departments according to their requirement. For example :


Evaluate: What is Data? Concept of Data Processing. Basic Data Processing Cycle Input ? Process ? Output ? Expended Data Process Cycle Origination ? Input ? Process ? Storage ? Output ? Distribution?

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