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Fantastic selection of pocket money toys and party bag fillers available at Kidz Gifts wholesale toys shop. We have the widest selection, all for the best prices.


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FLYING UNICORN GLIDERS This flying unicorn gliders will fly through the air beautifully and you can even compete for who can throw it the furthest. The main body of the glider features a unicorn in flight with the wings and tailfin designed with a colourful motif that matches each unicorn. This is the perfect activity for a rainy day – giving you fun for hours £0.10

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RATTLERS THE POWERFUL MAGNETS Rattlers the powerful magnets – gently toss the high quality magnets straight up to see them spin and hear them rattle Two are included in each pack. Great stress reliever. £0.43

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FOOD SQUIDGY SQUISHY TOYS These tasty looking food squigies are a fantastic collectable product. kids will get so excited to see these cupcakes and burgers with the squigie texture squeezable toy also great for relieving stress and tension. £1.49

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UNICORN POO SLIMEY PUTTY Take putty to a whole new level with this amazing tub of Magical Unicorn Poo It’s a gooey glittery stretchy surprise presented in a compact tub with a beautiful unicorn on the lid ideal for lovers of this mystical creature £0.61

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FAST FOOD MEAL ERASERS Novelty Fast Food Meal Shaped Rubber Erasers Cute novelty rubber erasers in shape fast food meal great as party bag fillers or rewards £0.09

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COLOURED SHAPED GLASSES These colourful assorted shaped fancy dress children’s glasses shapes will be a great addition to any dressing-up costume. They are fun little presents party-bag fillers prizes or rewards. £0.16

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WACKY WALL WALKERS Wacky wall walker men are sticky figures that you throw against a wall and they ‘walk’ down spinning slightly as they fall to make it look like they are actually using their legs and arms. They are fun little presents party-bag fillers prizes or rewards. £0.12

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WOODEN TOY FAKE WATCH These funky colourful wooden toy watches are ideal for party bag fillers presents prizes or rewards. £0.20

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TOY FLUTE MUSICAL These toy flute musical flutes are great fun for playing with friends or at parties perfect for party-bags prizes and rewards. £0.08

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WORDED SNAP-BAND BRACELET These funky snap-band bracelet colourful snap-bands featuring trendy phrases will be a hit with the kids. Made in flexible silicone these worded bracelet will be hard wearing for snapping around kid’s wrists. £0.34

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BUBBLE MAGIC TUBS The handy-sized pots of bubble magic mix with a wand are great fun at parties or out in the park. Perfect for little prizes or party bag fillers. £0.14

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HAND CLAPPER Hand Clapper shake them for them to make a noise. Hand clapper perfect as party bag fillers little prizes to decorate a party table and so much more £0.08

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RAINBOW SLINKY SPRING This funky colourful rainbow slinky spring can perform a number of tricks including travelling down a flight of steps end-over-end as it stretches and re-forms itself with the aid of gravity and its own momentum. £0.46

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SQUISHY BEAD ICE CREAM Cute squishy ice cream stress ball with internal beads. Perfect to squeeze all your stress away £0.65

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DUMPERS FLIP OVER CAR Double Sided Smiley Flip Over Car Inertial Power Car Will turn around up and down in all aspects when reaching the wall or any objects. Different face on each side of the car. £0.41

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SQUEEZY FUNNY FACE Squeezy Funny Face with Rubber Hair. These fun squeezable heads with rubber hair and funny expressions can be pulled and manipulated into hilarious 3D face shapes. They are great for stress relief or little presents prizes and rewards. £0.57

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SUPER DOUGH WILDLIFE POTS Cute pots containing all you need to create your animal. Make your own wild animals with these high quality dough pots. Easily stored can be re-used. To keep the material soft always put back into the pot. Store in a cool dry place.  £0.68

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