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Batch Faculty:- Mr. Anurag Verma Batch Code :- CFS915 Center :- NIIT (Dhanbad) ISAS 2009 (Information Search and Analysis Skills) 1

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2 Project :- NIIT Students Detail Monita (Group leader)

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We are heartily thankful to our NIITian’s , batch faculty Mr. Anurag Verma for and other facilities and the Head of the center for providing us this platform to show this project . We are grateful to our faculty Mr. Anurag Verma for his immense help and motivation and at last thankful to our friends for their suggestion . 3 Acknowledgement


Contents Introduction History NIIT Limited NIIT Technologies Timeline Business units Key industries NIIT's key initiatives Global training centers Competitors Notes and references & External links 4


Introduction NIIT is a Information Technology global education and training company headquartered in Gurgaon , India . It is one of Asia's largest Information Technology training and education company with 5 million students across 40 countries. [3] The company is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange of India 5


Contd.. NIIT Type Public BSE : NIIT LTD BSE : NIIT TECHNO Founded 1981 Founder(s ) Rajendra S. Pawar Vijay K.Thadani Headquarters 85 , Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon , India 6 Rajendra S. Pawar


Contd.. Key people Rajendra S. Pawar ( Chairman ) Vijay K. Thadani ( CEO NIIT Limited) P. Rajendran ( Director & COO NIIT Limited) Ashok Kumar Arora ( CFO NIIT Limited & NIIT Technologies) Dr Sugata Mitra (Chief Scientist & Senior V-P) Arvind Thakur ( President & CEO NIIT Technologies) Kul Taran Singh Anand ( CFO NIIT Technologies) 7 Directors


Contd.. Industry Training & Education in Information Technology IT Services Products Banking & Financial Services , Channel and Customer Interface Solutions in Insurance , e-Business, e-Procurement, SAP Retail for Retail & Distribution , Travel & Transportation 8 Chairman with project director M. P. Kapoor


Contd.. Services BPO, Application Development Management, Managed Service, Package Implementation, Platform Based Services Revenue ▲ US$ 500 million (in FY 2007-08) Employees 4,900 (As on 31 December, 2008 ) 9


Contd.. Subsidiaries NIIT Limited NIIT Technologies NIIT SofTec NIIT ROOM Solutions Element K Website, 10 NIIT-IBM initiative


History NIIT was established in the year 1981 by young entrepreneur Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani . In the early 1981, on the campus of Indian Institute of Technology , Delhi , India young enthusiastic students Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani not found themselves at the same company sharing the same dorm room. After graduating from IIT with the ambitious goal of spreading computer knowledge throughout India Pawar and Thadani , envisioned and developed a company which is today known as NIIT . [ It has pionerred in IT education in India and trains one out of every three software professional to work in an IT company. During 1982 it setup educational centers in Mumbai, Delhi later it spread in western part of India specially in Bangalore. In the following years it stated corporate training programs. It is ranked among top 20 IT training institutions and graded among India's most trusted service brands. 11


Contd.. During 1982 it setup educational centers in Mumbai, Delhi later it spread in western part of India specially in Bangalore. In the following years it stated corporate training programs. It is ranked among top 20 IT training institutions and graded among India's most trusted service brands. In the year 1999 when the Dot Com spread across US. During that year NIIT registration fell drastically in the month of July . In 2004 , NIIT was polarized into two groups one is NIIT Limited , which focuses on the training and education in IT segment, and another which is known as NIIT Technologies concentrates on IT Services company . 12

NIIT Limited:

NIIT Limited NIIT Limited ( BSE : 500304 ) education centers are found in over 30 countries and provides both classroom and on-line learning solution. NIIT Limited has been recognized as one of the Asia's largest IT training institution, with more than 100 educational centers were setup in China and other parts of Asia-Pacific region. 13

NIIT Technologies:

NIIT Technologies NIIT Technologies ( BSE : 532541 ) is a Global IT solution organization headquartered in New Delhi , India . It was established in 2004 when split with NIIT Limited happened. According to NASSCOM NIIT technologies is ranked among India's Top 20 IT software service exporter. It follows global standards of development, which includes ISO 9001:2000 certification, assessment at Level 5 of both SEI- CMMi version 1.2 and People-CMM frameworks and ISO 27001 information security management certification. Its data centre operations are assessed at the international ISO 20000 IT management standards. [9] NIIT Technologies has alliance with global IT players such as Computer Associates , IBM , Microsoft , Metalogic , SAP AG , Cisco Systems , Oracle Corporation and Seec . 14


Contd.. At present NIIT Technologies is involved in four sectors legacy modernization and maintenance, knowledge management solution ,customized SW solution and enterprise integration The company has been catering to selected industries such as: Banking Financial services and insurance (BFSI) Transportation and logistics (TTL) Travel and transportation Retail and management Acquisitions It has acquired German based company Softech , which serves small and medium airlines operations. NIIT Technologies also acquired UK-based company ROOM Solution late in 2006-2007 . 15


Contd.. In 2006, it acquired US-Based learning solution provider Element K . NIIT Technologies has two subsidiaries, NIIT SmartServe Limited and NIIT GIS Limited, which provide business process outsourcing and GIS solutions, respectively. 16


1981: NIIT was established by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani to cater IT education and training in India . 1982: Setup educational centers in Mumbai and Chennai . 1982: Introduced Multimedia technology in education 1983: Corporate training program introduced 1983: It setup education center in Bangalore 1984: IT consultancy service stated 1985: Head Office integrated in New Delhi 1986: Software product distribution started under " Insoft " brand 1987: Education centers setup in Kolkata and Hyderabad 1987: Conceived Franchising Model of education 1989: Dr CR Mitra an alumnus of MIT joined NIIT as education adviser stated and created "GNIIT" program. 17 Timeline


Contd.. 1989: Education center open in Pune 1991: First overseas office setup in US 1991: " Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships" launched for meritorious and socially challenged students. 1992: GNIIT program started with professional practice [15] 1993: Received ISO 9001 for software export [16] 1993: International Revenue touched Rs 50 million 1993: It becomes listed company and launched a successful IPO 1995: Microsoft became partner with NIIT to provide education of Microsoft technologies 1995: Revenue crosses Rs 1 billion mark 1996: First overseas education center launched 1996: launched " NetVarsity ", the virtual University 18


Contd.. 1996: Awarded ISO 9001 for Computer Education 1997: It becomes world economic forum global growth company 1997: NIIT collaborate with Chinese government to provide IT education in China [17] 1997: It is the second Indian company after HCL Technologies that have granted special status in Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor [18] 1997: NIIT stated scholarship for economically under challenged children [19] 1997: Unique distinction puts NIIT into first list of 21st Global companies [20] 1997: Education center crosses 500 mark 1997: NIIT becomes World Economic Forum global growth company 19


Contd.. 1998: The company's market capitalization crosses US$ 1 billion mark . 1999: Achieved the status of Microsoft's best training partner in Asia. 1999: NIIT and its subsidiaries global revenue reached Rs 8.8 billion. 2000: Education centers crosses 2000 mark 2000: Oracle Corporation became exclusive partner with NIIT Ltd to provide education on Oracle technologies specially on Oracle Database. 2000: NIIT invested on OneWeb System an US base company 2000: NIIT ltd collaborated with Sun Microsystems on " iForce initiatives on computing giant“. 2000: NIIT built knowledge products for Macmillan US$10.6 Million. 20


Contd.. 2001: NIIT ties-up with Citibank and International Finance Corporation to provide student loans for middle class and lower middle class families . 2001: Microsoft awarded NIIT the "Best Training Company Award“ . 2001: NIIT and Mahindra & Mahindra Limited were out of Bombay Stock Exchange , instead Hero Honda and HCL Technologies came in . 2002: NIIT Ltd. ties up with US based ITT Educational Service to offer four years Bachelor's degree to Indian students . 2002: It opened 15 new Information technology training centers in China which would cater high- ebd training . 2004: NIIT Technologies started offering Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to its clients . and public sectors . 21


Contd.. 2005: Intel and NIIT ltd join together to train software professional on Intel architecture . 2005: German based software company SAP AG and NIIT Technologies tied up to implement software projects for government 2004: NIIT and worlds largest chip maker Intel signed a deal to use technology-assisted learning in school . 2006: Sun Microsystems ties up NIIT to provide specialized training for students in programming platform such as Java and Solaris 2006: Launched of new institute called NIIT Imperia which would provide three certificate programmes from Indian Institutes of Management 22


Contd.. 2006: It grabbed multi-million dollar project by partnering with Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to provide outsourcing development to the Singapore Government . 2008: NIIT Ltd entered into alliance with Infospectrum India Pvt Ltd to cater Education Research and Planning (ERP) solution tolls with its school learning solution . 2009: In 2009 NIIT started new "NIIT University" campus in Neemrana , Rajasthan offering more post graduation level courses. 2009: Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy (CSEDS) awarded NIIT Ltd for IT Training Brand in China . 23

Business units:

Business units NIIT has organized itself along the following three lines of business: Individual Learning Solutions - This focuses on providing employability skills to people in the age group of 16–25 years. IT training forms the bulk of this segment. In recent years it has launched new offerings for training in Banking, Insurance and Financial services through IFBI , NIIT IMPERIA Executive Management Programs through NIIT Imperia and training in skills for BPO/KPO sectors through NIIT Uniqua School Learning Solutions - this provides training and learning solutions to government and to private schools. Corporate Learning Solutions- this division provides training services such as off the shelf learning library, custom content development, customized instructor led training and training administration services. Element K a US company, acquired by NIIT in 2006, forms about two thirds of the sales from this division. 24

Key industries:

Key industries Banking & Financial Services Retail Banking Wholesale Banking Investment Management Risk and Compliance Offerings Business Testing Frameworks Insurance Channel and Customer Interface Solutions Core Insurance Business Processes Enabling Insurance Business Processes Regulatory Compliance and Tax Environments Intellectual Property-Solutions and Solution Accelerators Value Added Services 25


Contd.. Travel Transportation and Logistics Airlines and Travel Distribution Airports Surface Transport BPO Integrated BPO Retail Distribution e-Business e-Procurement SAP retail 26

NIIT's key initiatives:

NIIT's key initiatives NIIT Institute of financial banking (IFBI), formed with equatity participation with ICICI Bank , which offers programs to develop talent in banking industry . Later NIIT offer Turkey integration program for schools and cater computer base training to over 5000 government schools. NIIT's corporate learning solutions, it offers corporate learning solution to Fortune 500 companies, Universities, technological companies, training corporation and publishing companies. Element K delivers learning solutions for customers and partners through a tailored solution through catalog learning products, technology and services. It offers Virtual lab (hand-on-labs), instructor led course ware, comprehensive journals and e-libraries . 27


Contd.. NIIT Imperia collaborated with KPMG India to cater advanced certified program upon International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This program is generally obtained within six week and is meant to assist companies from Indian General Accepted Accounting Principals to IFRS . 28 Sun-NIIT Seminar, Chandigrah

Global training centers:

Global training centers Indian training centers NIIT has training and educational centers in the following Indian states: Andhra Pradesh , Assam , Bihar , Chandigarh , Delhi , Goa , Gujarat , Haryana , Himachal Pradesh , Jammu and Kashmir , Jharkhand , Karnataka , Kerala , Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra , Nagaland , Orissa , Pondicherry , Punjab , Rajasthan , Tamil Nadu , Uttar Pradesh , West Bengal . Global Units North America : USA , Canada , Mexico South America : Peru Europe : UK , Ireland , Kazakhstan , Turkey Oceania : Australia , New Zealand Asia (outside India) : China , Indonesia , Malaysia , Nepal , Philippines , Sri Lanka , Vietnam , Bahrain , Iran , Oman , Qatar , Yemen Africa : South Africa , Nigeria , Ghana , Morocco , Sudan , Zimbabwe , Mauritius 29


Competitors School Learning Solutions competes in the e-learning market with a number of local players including Everonn Education, Manipal K12 Education, and Educomp as well as other players like HMSC Learning a joint-venture between S.Chand and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 's international arm EMPGI . 30

References &External links:

References & External links From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NIIT Limited - Official website NIIT Technologies - Official website About NIIT page NIIT demerger NIIT University 31 NIIT in world

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