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Great Courage Thanks !!!! 空中妙有, 超棒的啟發, 無限感恩!

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Touching the sky without arms 無臂勇士遨遊天際飛向藍天 Jessica Cox - 潔西卡。考克斯 -

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Jessica was born without arms as a result of a rare congenital disease Like every child, she did not understand why she had no arms as did the other children “It was difficult to be different.” 患有罕見的先天性疾病,潔西卡天生就無雙臂。 猶如每一個天真無邪的小孩,小時候,她無法理解為什麼自己沒有手臂,為什麼自己跟別的孩子不一樣? “異于常人是一件非常痛苦的事”

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Regardless of that, she took part in different activities such as gymnastics, dan c ing and singing, frequently participating in large presentations . 儘管如此,潔西卡積極地參與各種課外活動,如:體操、舞蹈、聲樂等等。。。 還經常參加大型的演出。

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When she was young she frequently felt opposed, downtrodden and on the verge of tears resulting from anger due to her lack of arms; given this, she placed all her energy in the practice of sports. For Jessica, the main challenge of being born without arms was the constant perception of others more than the physical adversity. 小時候,沒有雙臂的她 常 被人瞧不起、被排擠,經常氣得淚水在眼眶內打滾。因此,她把不滿的情緒和精力都發洩在各種體育項目上。 潔西卡認為人生最大的挑戰不是肢體上的缺陷而是要學習如何面對別人恆久不變的觀念。

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我曾經很在乎路上的行人多看我一眼,或是別人用異樣的目光看著我用腳吃東西。 慢慢地,我學會了任何事情都要往正向思考;當我把這一切視為正向震波能量時,他們成了我最好的助緣,把我的心培育得更積極、更樂觀。 “I had the habit of becoming very upset when people look at me walking in the street or eating with my feet. However, I learned to look only at the positive side of situations and this gave me the ability to utilize these positive vibrations to become an example for optimism. ”

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Jessica considers her parents as role models to be followed and as pillars for her. “My mother is my model and she always told me that I could do all that I wanted to do. My father never shed a tear since my birth as he does not consider me to be a victim. It is difficult to be the father of a handicapped person. He was my base during the difficult moments and it was he who forged the person I am today." 父母親是潔西卡最好的典範與最大的支柱。 “媽媽是我的典範,她常對我說你想做什麼就盡力去做吧!我一定支持你。” “爸爸也從沒有因為有我這個有缺陷的女兒而流過半滴眼淚;由始至終他從不認為我是個犧牲品。爸爸是我的依靠,尤其是當我面對困難的時刻;也因為有他才造就了今天的我。”

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The first time I learned to drive a car, it was thanks to some modifications. Even with that, after having learned well, I decided to remove the modifications placed in the car and now I hold a driving permit without restrictions. 第一次學開車,真的很感恩當時技工特地為我做的改造儀。 當駕駛技術熟練後,我決定把改造儀拿掉,學習像正常人一樣開車;現在我擁有的駕照是無限制型的。

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Holder of a degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona, she always attracts attention when she fills her car with gas. 潔西卡畢業于亞利桑那大學,心理學學士。 每當她在加油站自行添加汽油時,她還是受眾矚目。

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She is able to write 25 words per minute, dry her hair, put on her make-up, and wear her contact lenses at the same ease as anyone. 潔西卡的日常生活和我們每個人一樣:她可以在一分鐘內腳寫 25 個字、自己吹乾頭髮、化妝、戴上隱形眼鏡。

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Jessica, 26 years old and 1.55 meters tall, is the first lady in history to pilot a plane without arms. 潔西卡, 26 歲時, 身高 1.55 米,突破歷史,成為第一個無雙臂的女飛行員。

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This inspiring lady and heroine for numerous persons, always irradiates joy and is proof of having a great sense of humor ; on Mother’s Day last year she flew alone by herself without anyone accompanying her, dragging a notice board saying simply : “Look Mom, without arms !” That day, she registered approximately 130 hours of flight time by herself. 這位深具啟發性的女英雄,時刻散發著歡樂與幽默。 去年的母親節,她獨自駕著小型飛機,機尾飄出一條橫幅上面寫道: “媽,您看,我不需要手喔!” 那天,她獨立創下了約 130 小時的飛行記錄。

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“Sometimes fear starts from the lack of knowledge of the unknown. As soon as I started flying, I realized that my fear came because I knew too much about the subject. There is a universal fear, where you lack of confidence in yourself." 有時惶恐源於無知與缺乏知識。 我開始學習飛行時發現我的恐懼來自我的所知障。 原來,宇宙萬物的惶恐來自於缺乏自信心。

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Thanks to her confidence, her preparation and ambition, Jessica has traveled a long path to become that which she is today. 感謝于她的自信、努力與理想,潔西卡經歷了一條漫長的路才走到今天。 After becoming an outstanding speaker ( ) , she was also a children’s guide in the International Network of Children Amputees during the last five years. 自從成為一名出色的演講者後,她也參與了國際兒童截肢網絡,充當孩子們的指導老師長達 5 年。

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Between laughs she says the hardest part will be a suitor asks her hand from her parents . 幽默的她笑著說:“最難的一關恐怕是在婚禮中新郎請求父親把新娘子的手交托給他吧!” Jessica Cox hopes to marry and have children. 潔西卡希望能像正常人一樣結婚、生孩子。 “I know that it will be difficult to form a family, but I know that I will be a good mother.” “我知道要建立一個家庭是件不容易的事,但我將會是個好母親。”

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“The human being must live some difficult moments in life to have emotional moments.” 人生需要一些困境的磨練才更能體會生命中動人的色彩。 “Our great fear is not so much to not be up to measure, it is that we are stronger over and above all measure”. 一個人最大的憂慮不是自己是否能達到標準,而是自己能否有力量超越任何界限。 “I do not have arms but that is not what determines where I can go“ 雖然我沒有手但這不代表它能決定我未來的人生路。 “The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory.” 愈艱苦的人生愈能磨成美麗的鑽石。

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And you, what do you lack to touch the sky ? 而您 到底欠缺了什麼 才 能展翅飛 向藍天呢?

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