Nursing 110 Orientation Fall 2012

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Welcome to Nursing 110:

Welcome to Nursing 110 Amy Schnettler-Zak, RN, MS – Course Coordinator Eleanor Nixon, RN, MS, FNP Tonya Passamonte, RN, MS Created by: Tonya Passamonte Edited by : Amy Schnettler-Zak

Study Buddy:

Study Buddy Sign- up sheet

N110 Meeting:

N110 Meeting Representatives

Faculty Meeting:

Faculty Meeting Representatives

Student Success :

Student Success

ESL Students:

ESL Students




Syllabus Seven credit course 2 parts to the course classroom & clinical Course Objectives for N110


Syllabus Mandatory Classes-required by NYS Education Dept & Professional licensing Highlighted in bold lettering Calendar at a glance Absence-make-up at Instructor’s discretion

Mandatory dates:

Mandatory dates Medical Asepsis Class Tuesday, Sept 4 th Aug 30 th or Aug 31 st Fire Safety Instructor Evaluations Nov 21 st

Exam dates:

Exam dates Exam #1 – Wed, Sept 19 th 9:45 -10:45am Exam #2 - Wed, Oct 10 th 9:45 -10:45am Exam #3 – Wed, Nov 14 th 9:15-10:15 am Exam #4 – Tues, Dec 11 th 9:15-11:15 am Mandatory ATI Proctored Exam Wed, Dec 12 th 8-10 am Cumulative Final Exam Tues, Dec 18 th 9:15- 11:15 am

Course Requirements:

Course Requirements Theory Dosecalc-80% or better Assignments-independent studies completed satisfactorily Laboratory Nursing Interventions & SCE -must pass intervention check successfully Clinical Satisfactory evaluation


Grading Different from other college courses A=90-100 B=82-89 C=75-81 D=68-74 F=67 and below Four exams-15% each, Final exam-40% Accommodations available-see Amy after class


DOSECALC Complete Dosecalc independent study Online tutorial Online Test-assessment tab Practice online test-not graded-optional Dosecalc test online- 80% or better- take as many times as needed (Due by MN ) Dosecalc Exam- 80% or better ; 3 attempts to pass For further info refer to Nursing Program Student Handbook

Dose Calc Due Dates:

Dose Calc Due Dates Online Dose Calc Test due by Midnight on Tues, Sept 11 th Dose Calc Test #1 (Face to Face Test) on Wed, Sept 12 th 9:15 am Dose Calc Test # 2 (Face to Face Test) Sept 25 th


Notebooks One Notebook should be dedicated to Theory (handouts are buff) One Notebook should be dedicated to Lab (handouts are pink) One Notebook should be dedicated to Clinical (handouts are blue) ATI Handouts are in bright orange One Marble Notebook for GCC Clinical On Campus Lab Reflection


Blackboard/Genesis Nursing 110 Homepage Online classes Online GCC On Campus Clinical Independent studies Faculty office hours Extra copies of syllabus, lab calendar, course calendar


Messages/Announcements Communicate through Genesis messages located on nursing homepage Check Announcements daily

The Point:

The Point

Assignment :

Assignment Library Assignment Nutrition Assignment Cultural Presentation

ATI Assignments:

ATI Assignments Date Assignment Friday, Sept. 14, 2012 Nurse Logic – Module 4 Testing and Remediation Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 Self-Assessment Inventory – Determines what type of learner you are (auditory, visual, or kinesthetic) Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 Nurse Logic – Module 3 Priority Setting Framework Friday, Oct. 12, 2012 Nurse Logic – Module 2 – Nursing Concepts Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012 RN Fundamentals – Practice Assessment 2010 A (this test will help you prepare for the proctored exam)



Caring Agreements:

Caring Agreements Begin after Exam #1 Any student receiving a 74 or below will be contacted by an instructor to set up an appointment

Immunization & BLS Due Dates:

Immunization & BLS Due Dates All immunizations are due to Sandy the Nursing Secretary September 4 th If Sandy does not have them by this date then you will be issued an unsatisfactory

GCC School of Nursing General Rules:

GCC School of Nursing General Rules Please do not congregate in the hallways; please take advantage of our gathering space. When waiting for a classroom or lab to open; please attempt to be quiet in the hallways because there are places of business on the first floor. Always clean up after yourself.

GCC School of Nursing General Rules cont.:

GCC School of Nursing General Rules cont. There is to be no food or drink in the classrooms or labs. A capped water bottle in your bag is acceptable. If you have a meeting set up with an instructor; you must stop at the secretary prior to heading down the nursing suite hallway.

GCC School of Nursing General Rules:

GCC School of Nursing General Rules If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for class you will notice a STOP sign on the door. It will ask you to wait until break to enter the class!



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