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Are you the one who is looking for a reliable Asbestos Removal in Melbourne? Then your search has been concluded here at Asbestos Help. With over 20 years of expertise during this business, we've a deep understanding relating to asbestos services which ends up into 100% client satisfaction with better-quality services.


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Asbestos Help Pty Ltd:

Asbestos Help Pty Ltd

What we can do?:

What we can do? To explain in short about what we do, Asbestos Help is your asbestos removal specialist in Melbourne , Victoria and surrounding suburbs. Our team is well versed with the authentic asbestos removal techniques and can provide you with the best results for your property. We make sure that our work is completely in accordance with the safety standards and also that it is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.


WHAT IS ASBESTOS? There are many property owners out there who are not very familiar with the term ‘ asbestos ’. It is a dangerous when is dusty, soft, friable and damage your lungs and when inhaled/breathed. We provide our clients with the proper knowledge of the harmful effects of asbestos and also offer them effective removal services.

Services We Offer:

Services We Offer Asbestos Floor and ceiling tiles Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Asbestos water or flue pipes Vinyl floor tiles containing asbestos Asbestos corrugated roof sheets Asbestos roof shingles Asbestos furnace insulation And more..



Contact Us:

Contact Us Asbestos Help Pty Ltd Web : Email : Phone : (03) 8372 5431 Address : 54 Edgbaston Pde., Caroline Springs, Victoria 3023 ABN : 20 165 979 493

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