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At Asbestos Help Pty Ltd our certified and licensed staff specializes in asbestos removal for residential, commercial and industrial locations.


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Asbestos Help Pty Ltd

About Us:

About Us Asbestos Help is a reliable and renowned asbestos removal company in Melbourne, we have been major players in this industry for the last 20 years. In these years we have been successful in forming a loyal clientele that is highly satisfied and happy with our services. Our team at Asbestos Help is well aware of the fact that, asbestos is very dangerous when is dusty, soft ,friable and can damage your lungs when inhaled/ breathed.This is the main reason why we provide professional asbestos removal Melbourne . Our team knows all the pros and cons of this procedure and makes sure that the work is carried out in a safe and beneficial manner. You can trust us with your property as we have almost 20 years of experience in this industry and these many years of service has been helpful in providing us with a deep knowledge and understanding that helps us to provide our valued clients with superior quality of services. With our team at your aid you can have the confidence that you have find the right match for your work, our team aims at providing excellent services in every single task they take at hand.

What We can do? :

What We can do? To explain in short about what we do, Asbestos Help is your asbestos disposal specialist in Melbourne, Victoria and surrounding suburbs. Our team is well versed with the authentic asbestos removal techniques and can provide you with the best results for your property. We make sure that our work is completely in accordance with the safety standards and also that it is carried out in a safe and efficient manner . Our services include asbestos inspection, testing, removal and disposal

Asbestos Removal Cost :

Asbestos Removal Cost Home owners can get asbestos cleaned from their premises on their own but we recommend the use of licensed professional asbestos removalists to do the job. Now this question might arise in your mind as to what is the cost of such a removalist We charge in most situations per square meter rather than by the hour or per job. The costs of removal asbestos containing material depend on a number of factors, including: Amount of asbestos material to be removed. How hard/easy the asbestos (ACM)is to be removed. What is condition of asbestos material (fix, loose, attached and broken)? Is the asbestos material painted, sprayed, covered or raw? Vinyl floor tiles containing asbestos Where the asbestos material is located? How far is the tip and what exactly will the asbestos disposal cost. What equipment we need to remove the ACM (forklift, boomlift , scissorlift etc.)? Clearance certificate, monitoring (if the area is more than 10 sqm ). How long the job will take, how many workers do we need to complete the job. All of these factors will be reviewed by us to give you the accurate cost of removal. Every home/property is different and the cost for each job will be different ensuring a high level of safety with affordable prices to satisfy everyone. Call us today to discuss your asbestos removal & disposal needs in Melbourne. If you have your building infested with asbestos make it a point to take necessary measures right away. Don’t put your family at risk for asbestos poisoning. Give us a call to know more about our fast, reliable, and affordable asbestos abatement, clean up, removal and extinction services and also to get tips on how to maintain a healthy environment in your home, business, plant, or school healthy and safe.

Asbestos Disposal Melbourne  :

Asbestos Disposal Melbourne  Asbestos Help Pty Ltd has the licensed to transport asbestos containing material (ACM ) from your home,property,factory etc. to EPA registered tip and disposal. We offer a safe pick up and disposal services for asbestos material around Melbourne, wrapped or unwrapped that has been already removed from your home/property. We will dispose of your asbestos waste in a very professional, efficient and cost effective manner. Minimun asbestos removals cost is $250.The cost will depend how much asbestos material need to be pick up and disposal and how fare is from asbestos waste disposal tip.

Contact Us:

Contact Us You can reach us at: Office: 03 8372 5431 Mobile: 0413 844 506 Mark  Email: Web: / Address: 54 Edgbaston Pde., Caroline Springs, VIC 3023

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