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ASAP Logistic Solutions has years of industry experience in supplying Aircraft hardware parts, breakdown spares for Airframes, Avionics Engines. We are primarily focused on providing top quality aircraft parts including fasteners, bearing, and aerospace engine parts from world’s leading top manufacturers.


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Global Provider of Aircraft Parts Bearings and Fasteners

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About Us • ASAP Logistic Solutions is has evolved to become one of the largest independent aviation parts distributors in the world. • We provide top quality aircraft bearings and fasteners parts from top manufacturers worldwide. • We offer 100 genuine products with best quality guaranteed • Fastest delivery for aviation products with 24/7 365 days support.

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Our Products • Aircraft Parts • Aerospace Bearings • Aircraft Fasteners

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Top Aircraft Hardware Parts Aircraft Interiors Airspeed Indicator Carburetor Belt Seat • ASAP Logistic Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of aircraft parts in the aviation industry serving civil military fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts worldwide. Breaker Aircraft Compressor Control Wheel Flight control computer

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Top Selling Aviation Hardware Part No. Manufacturer 18539-505 Korry Electronic Inc 0-5113 Hawker Beechcraft 000-110133-16 Raytheon Aircraft 000-8002-418 Boeing Aircraft 0512124-78 Cessna Aircraft Company 0-040003003 Honeywell Aerospace 00135WMPD00135W Texas Instrument Inc.

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Aircraft Bearing Solutions • Aerospace bearings are the bearings which are installed in aero planes including commercial private and military based aircrafts in aviation industry. Bearing Sleeve Assembly Aircraft Ball Bearing Roller Bearing Jet Turbine Bearing Liner Main Bearing Main Bearing Shell Gasket Bearing Cap Housing Bearing

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Latest Aircraft Bearing Part Numbers Manufacturer 754/2/35995/000 Eaton Aerospace Ltd 66-1075-5 Boeing Company 2481923 Parker Hannifin Corporation 23075371 Rolls Royce Corp 9699M65P23 General Electric Co 65351-11156-043 Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation 42801R231 Triumph Gear Systems Inc 32820 Pratt And Whitney NA2202 PP Ina Bearing Co Inc

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Aircraft Fasteners • ASAP Logistic Solutions is leading distributor for quality aircraft fastener parts offering specialty products and services for commercial and military applications. Hood Fastener Nut plate Fastener Insert Panel Fastener Pliers Fasteners

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Our Brands

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ASAP SEMICONDUCTOR Suite 2500 A 1121 Boyce Rd Pittsburgh PA 15241 United States +1-412-212-0606

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