How to Play Nursery Rhymes on Keyboard

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How to Play Nursery Rhymes on Keyboard Do you have young children or teach in a school and would love an easy opportunity to be able to play simple nursery rhymes on the keyboard? You may think this task is quite daunting, but playing the keyboard is not as hard as it looks, and once you get the basics you will be able to develop your skills over a short period of time. Nursery rhymes are very simple to play on keyboard and as a beginner they are the perfect category to start with. All songs are repetitive but nursery rhymes are even easier because they are short pieces of music. Once you have five songs under your belt this will be enough to entertain children in their class or at home to bide some time in school holidays and at weekends. Playing nursery songs is certainly a fun and inventive way of brightening up the day for children. If you would like to take up this exciting challenge then the steps below will point you in the right direction: - It doesn’t matter what size keyboard you are learning on but if you want to play with full accompaniment in your left hand then it is advisable to get a keyboard with at least 76 keys. This way you will have a big enough range for both parts of the song including the bass section. Pick a book or a course that allows you to focus on the melody section with your right hand only. Some beginner’s books get you playing the melody in both hands. This is ok but if you are playing to accompany children for singing then you will need your keyboard to cut through and sound a bit more. Ask your children what their favourite five songs are. Create a list and prioritise in order starting with the simpler ones first. Get into good habits from the start and follow the fingering guide given on your music. If you start by using only a couple of fingers then this will trip you up and you will find you make mistakes frequently. Try to look up and maybe practice in front of some of the children. This way you will get use to performing straight away and when you go on to sing and play having learned a few tunes it won’t seem so daunting. A couple of nursery rhymes that are great for beginners are ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and for Christmas time ‘Jingle Bells’ is an easy classic. Both these songs use simple finger arrangements and use only a few keys on the keyboard. It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour song repertoire on piano or keyboard. But what if there was a simple method that could show any beginner how to do it in just 12 days? Find out how it’s done... Easy Keyboard Lessons

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