How to Sing & Play Keyboard Songs.

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How to Sing & Play Keyboard Songs Most of us can own up to liking a good old sing song, whether it being in the shower, in the car or dancing around to your radio doing your housework! The amazing thing about music is that it is sure to make you happy even if you are having a bad day. Imagine if you could turn your love of singing into performing by playing the keyboard and singing at the same time. This is a great skill to have and very easy to do once you have the basic skills and knowledge. It doesn’t have to take forever or become tedious if you apply the right method of teaching. To start with you need to learn how to play popular chords on the keyboard. The most common chords are major and minor. Major could be described as the happy and cheery sound, with minor being the opposite and the sad sound. Most pop and rock songs consist of major and minor chords, very often using just four chords. Some of the most popular songs of all time are based around just a few chords. The saying less is more really rings true sometimes with music. The next stage is to turn these chords into a popular song that you recognise. The chords should be played in your right hand with the fingering position of 1 3 5. 1 will be your thumb and 5 being your little finger. If this doesn’t feel comfortable an alternative fingering to use is 1 2 4. Start by playing a rhythm in your right hand with a single bass note accompaniment taking the main note from the chord. For example if playing C Major in your right hand you will play C as a single note in your left hand. Once you have learned the chord arrangement on your keyboard try singing the melody section of your song over the top. It may be an idea to play the music with just your right hand only until you’ve got to grips with your co-ordination.

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Break the song down into smaller sections and try to master playing hands together and singing your vocal line over the top. For example it might take you a few days but learn the main verses confidently and then apply the chorus. Learn this independently then bring it all together as one whole unit. The idea is for the song to sound fluent and consistent throughout so keep it slow if you need to. It’s better to do it slowly and accurately rather than fast and messy. It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour song repertoire on piano or keyboard. But what if there was a simple method that could show any beginner how to do it in just 12 days? Find out how it’s done... Easy Keyboard Lessons

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