The Elton John School Of Singing & Playing Keyboard Or Piano Songs

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The Elton John School Of Singing & Playing Keyboard Or Piano Songs Have you been thinking about getting piano or keyboard lessons? Do you look up to a star like Elton John and are in awe of how talented he is. Elton John has inspired many musicians to go on and become successful pianists or keyboard players in their own right. The music he has written and performed has touched many millions of people around the globe. If you want to turn your passion for music or your lifetime dream of being able to play like him into a reality then it is possible if you have the drive and commitment to reach your goal. Elton John is a self taught pianist and keyboard player who developed his skills by playing by ear and not being scared to experiment with ideas. This is how he has written so many fantastic songs. It doesn’t happen without long term commitment and hard work, but what it does give you is a great way of life and it is the job so many of us can only dream of being able to pursue. If you would like a career in singing and song writing just like Elton John then it would be beneficial to know the following techniques: We all have to start somewhere and the trick to being a successful keyboard player or pianist is to not overload yourself with too many different sections of music, particularly as a beginner. Focus your time learning a song that you know very well, and then work on a scale that is in the same key signature. By doing the scale that has a connection with the music it will help your playing technique when song writing. Once you have learned the song melody line with your right hand and are happy & confident with how this is sounding, a good progression would be to work out the chords for the song. Play these with your right hand with the original bass section. By doing this it will give you the opportunity to play and sing at the same time. So you can now sing the melody line and accompany yourself playing the chords. Alternatively if you would prefer you can work out the chords and then move onto playing the melody. Whatever way you do this it’s always a good idea to play your music in both styles. This way it will open up bigger opportunities for you and give you the option of singing and playing just as Elton John does. It can take many years of practice to reach the standard to be able play your own one hour song repertoire on piano or keyboard. But what if there was a simple method that could show any beginner how to do it in just 12 days? Find out how it’s done... Easy Keyboard Lessons

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