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??pa?de?t???? ?µ???? New York College

? eta????? µa? e????a : 

New York College ?d?????e t? 1989, S??e????eta? µe ???st? pa?ep?st?µ?a t?? ?µe????? ?a? t?? ????p??, ???sf??e? sp??d?? Bachelor ?a? Master se ??a e??? f?sµa e?d???t?t?? ??e? 2,500 sp??dast?? ap? 65 ???e?, ?? ap?f??t?? t?? ?µ???? e??????ta? se µe???e? ep??e???se?? ? pa?ep?st?µ?a ? eta????? µa? e????a

?? ??aµ? µa? : 

?? ??aµ? µa? «? p??sf??? p???-p???t?sµ???? e?pa?de?s?? ?a? ?at??t?s??, µe a???µ??? t? ß???? t?? e?????? ap??a?t? st? ????? µa? ?a? µe ?µfas? st?? p???t?ta, ?ste ? ?µ???? µa? ?a ???e? ? p??t? ep????? ??a e?pa?de?s? ?a? ?at??t?s? st?? ???e? p?? d?ast????p??e?ta?»

? ?????S : 

UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK IN BELGRADE new ? ?????S The first Greek organization that has developed abroad.

Slide 5: 

?? ep?t???e? µa? Sta 18 ?????a t?? ?e?t?????a? µa? pet??aµe: ??ad?µa??? p???t?ta ??pa?de?s? ?a? ?at??t?s? ?????? ep?p?d?? ??et??? a??pt??? se ???e? e???pa???? ???e? ?p??t?s? µ??ad???? te??????s?a?, µ?sa ap? t?? d?e??e?? µa? s??e??as?e?

Slide 6: 

?? a???µ?? µe µ?a µat??: S????? F??t?t?? 2007 : S????? ?a????t?? 2007: S????? ?p?f??t??: S????? ?p?s?ept?? ?a????t?? (2007) : S????? ??????t???? ???s?p???? (2007) : 2,500 213 14,000 80 167

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4 ?t???a??? e??atast?se?? 35 a????se? d?das?a??a? µe t?? ?at?????? s??????? e?pa?de?t??? e??p??sµ? 5 ???ast???a ?/? ?a?e?st??? ??ß??????? ?a? On line (Emerald) 3 cafes ???????

Slide 10: 

??????????? ???G??????? S????O?

???pt???a?? p?????µµata sp??d?? : 

???pt???a?? p?????µµata sp??d?? STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK - EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE, USA ??a?????sµ??? ap? t? Middle States Association of Colleges & Universities 4-et? p?????µµata UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH, UK 3-et? p?????µµata se ?????f????? & Shipping UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND, UK 3-et? p?????µµata se ??????s? ?p??e???se?? ?a? ?????f????? INSTITUT UNIVERSITAIRE KURT BOSCH, SWITZERLAND ?p?s?µa a?a?????sµ??? ap? t?? ??ßet??? ??ß????s? 3-et? p?????µµata se ??????s? ?p??e???se?? ?a? ??????s? ?????sµ?? st?? ???????? G??ssa ?a pt???a ????????ta? ape??e?a? ap? ta s??e??a??µe?a e?pa?de?t??? ?d??µata

Slide 12: 

Bachelor Programs ??e????t??: ??. ??µ?t??? ??d???? ??????µµata: Business Administration (e??????? & a??????) Business Management Marketing Finance International Business Business Communication ??????s? ?????st???? ?p??e???se?? (e???????) Department of Business

Slide 13: 

Bachelor Programs ??e????t??: ??. Ge?????? Saµa??ß?t?? Programs: Computer Science Information Systems Computer Systems Engineering Department of Informatics

Slide 14: 

Bachelor Programs ??e????t??: ??. ??ast?s??? ?s????? ??????µµata: International Relations Department of International Relations

Slide 15: 

Bachelor Programs ??e????t??a: ???s?ßet ???µpa?? ??????µµata: Psychology Department of Psychology

Slide 16: 

Bachelor Programs ??ap????t??a ?pe????? ?µ?µat??: ???sta?t??a Sa?d??? ??????µµata: Communication Public Relations/Advertising Media Journalism Certificate Program: Film & TV Studies English Language & Literature Department of Communications

Bachelor’s Degree awarded by SUNY Empire State College : 

Bachelor’s Degree awarded by SUNY Empire State College

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?? e?pa?de?t??? µa? p??s?p???: ??t???? pt????? ap? ?µe???a???? ?a? ????pa??? ?a?ep?st?µ?a ????et?? e??as?a?? eµpe???a st?? a???? ?a? st?? µe?a??te?e? ????????? ?a? p???e?????? ep??e???se?? ???st? ??a??t?ta ep????????a? ??e???t??? d?ast????t?ta µe s??p? t?? pa?a???? ?a? a?a???s? t?? ???s??

Slide 19: 

St? New York College ??e?? t?? e??a???a ?a ?????se?? f??t?t?? ap? ??? t?? ??sµ?.... ?? f??t?t?? µa?:

Slide 20: 

... ?a? pa??????a µe t?? sp??d?? s?? ?a ep?fe???e?? ap? ??a p????? d?ast????t?t?? ?a? ?p??es???: S?µß???e?t??? G?afe?? ?pa??e?µat???? ?p?st?????? ????t?sµ?? ??ad?µa??? ?p?st????? (advising) Seµ?????a & ??a???e?? ?p?t??f?e?

Slide 21: 

??????µµata sp??d?? st?? ??????? ?a? ???????? G??ssa ??e???? pe??ß????? ???a???e? ??a s?????s? sp??d?? st? e??te???? Internships ??e???? a?a?????sµ??a pt???a ?µe???????a & ????pa??? pt???a ?e????t??? stad??d??µ?a se p???e?????? ep??e???se?? G?at? ?a d?a???? t? ??C;

Slide 22: 

S?µp????µ??? ??t?s? ?p???t???? ???e??? ???es?: G?at? d???e?a t? NYC? 4 F?t???af?e? ?p?????µ??? f?t?t?p?a ta?t?t?ta? ? d?aßat????? TOEFL ? ???? ?s?d??aµ? d?p??µa a??????? ??? µp??? ?a ??aft? se ??a p????aµµa t?? NEW YORK COLLEGE?

Slide 23: 

?e???d?? ????af?? ap? 01/05/2008 G?a ?a µa? s??a?t?sete st?? e??atast?se?? µa?, ep????????ste µa?? µa? st? email: admissions@nyc.gr ? t??ef???ste st? ???S???S ?????F????S

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Slide 25: 

Sa? e??a??st??µe ?a? a?aµ????µe ?a sa? ?a?ad??µe st? NEW YORK COLLEGE

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