Graduate education at NAU Reflection

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Graduate education at nau :

Graduate education at nau Reflection Video

Mission of the graduate program :

Mission of the graduate program Online experience at NAU Flexibility and convenience Support with the instructor Support with the other peers Adobe connect sessions Expectations Attendance

Online experience :

Online experience Flexible Time availability Convenience Comfort from home, family, library, etc. Great online library resources Online smart thinking tutoring

Flexibility and Convenience :

Flexibility and Convenience NAU believes that the best way to be successful is to give your self the time needed to study and set aside at least 12-15 hours a week to due the necessary requirements to submit discussions, assignments, quizzes, etc. You have the availability to log in during the morning , day , evening, whatever is more convenient for you. Classes start on a specific day each quarter, you are required to log in to your online class that day , no matter online or ground. Masters program is strictly done online, so convenient for the full time working adult, student. Log in from home, library, neighbors, siblings house, another state, that is the nice thing about the online structure.

Support from Instructor and Staff :

Support from Instructor and Staff The online portal is set up nicely to give you interaction with instructor via email, chat room, phone etc. Living close to a campus makes it helpful for you to go into any location being an nau student and support staff is there to assist you. Communication is key, and most instructors will work with you given certain circumstances and time constraints allowed. Office usually and the flexibility to be ale to get a hold of your instructor, block times, specific days, weekend hours.

Expectations and Attendance:

Expectations and Attendance NAU has specific attendance requirements that must be met. Not logging in to your classes 14 consecutive days in a row , you could be dropped from your course with no notification. This could jeopardize financially aid and specific obligations Although there is no specific time to log in, make you a schedule to set aside specific blocks every other day, and weekends to get your things done. Don’t wait till Sunday to do things, can be very stressful, and may not get a good grade by doing so, late, not hitting deadline.

What have I learned from this class :

What have I learned from this class So much have I learned from this class, and I was more intrigued from this class then other classes that I have taken before. #1 The legal Environment of International Business #2 Legal Issues in International Transportation I have really enjoyed the class!!

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