5 Best Stories About Exercising Caution!

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5 Best Stories About Exercising Caution!:

5 Best Stories About Exercising Caution!

Little Red Riding Hood:

Little Red Riding Hood Never tell strangers about yourself and your plans. Follow your mom’s order. Go straight to the place where you have work and return right back after its done . No unnecessary stops.

Three Little Pigs:

Three Little Pigs Always obey your parents. Do not get lazy for your work. Be hardworking. Put your best efforts in your work. NOTE: To change images on this slide, select a picture and delete it. Then click the Insert Picture icon in the placeholder to insert your own image.

The Milkmaid and Her Pail:

The Milkmaid and Her Pail Concentrate on what you are doing. Never daydream about what you would do. Never think bad of others. Never get jealous of others, its ruins no one but yourself

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