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Previewing Main Ideas : 

Previewing Main Ideas What are the characteristics of revolution which you learned in American Revolution and French Revolution? Do you think Industrial Revolution is similar to American Revolution and French Revolution? 2

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What is an Industry? Economic activity concerned with the processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories. Primary Industry. Secondary Industry. Tertiary Industry. Quaternary Industry. 3

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Adam Smith Scottish moral philosopher and pioneer of Political Economics. One of the key figures in Scottish Enlightenment (during 18th century, 75% literacy, sharing humanist and rationalist outlook, support to human reasoning, rejection of any authority, empiricism and inductive reasoning). He gave several economic theories: 4

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Industrial Revolution Greatly increased output of machine-made goods that began in England in the middle 1700s. Before People wove textile by hands. After Machines began to do this and other jobs. Spread from England to Continental Europe and North America. 5

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Industrial Revolution Begins in Britain Why ? (indirect reasons) In 1700s, Wealthy landowners bought land from village farmers. Improved farming methods. Made large enclosures and experimented with productive seeds and harvesting methods to boost crops yield. For example: Crop Rotation. This led to AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION Food supplies increased and living conditions improved which led to England’s Population increase. Large landowners forced small farmers to become tenant farmers or give up farming and move to the cities. 6

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Industrial Revolution Began in Britain Why ? (direct reasons) …………..1 Large population of workers. Extensive natural resources like- -water power and coal to fuel the new machines. -iron ore to construct machines, tools and buildings. -for inland transportation. -harbors from which merchants ships set sail. 7

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Industrial Revolution Began in Britain Why ? (direct reasons) …………….2 Expanding economy. Investments for manufacture of new inventions. Highly developed banking system – loans etc. Growing overseas trade. Progress in every field led to increased demand for goods. Improvements in Transportation – James Watt’s Steam Engine (1744), Water Transportation (Robert Fulton’s Clermont) & Road Transportation. 8

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Industrial Revolution Began in Britain Industrial Location Research on the location of industries in an area. Search key – Industrial location theory (Alfred Weber). Search for the reason why an Industry is located in an area (make your points based on the Industrial location theory) 9

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