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description Arya Samaj marriagearyasamaj Wedding The Wedding Sacrament ( Vivah Sanskaar ) is the most important among the sixteen Vedic sacraments . It is a divinely ordained institution that forms the very basis for a coordinated family life . It seeks to bring two souls together into a composite whole , in fulfillment of cosmic purpose and plan . When we observe the functioning of the universe , we see an eternally harmonious relationship between the sun and moon, heaven and earth and all the other cosmic pairs. Even God (Purusha) and Matter (Prakriti) are seen to be related eternally with each other for the creation of this universe . A groom and a bride are brought together in marriage to reflect the same kind of lifelong harmonious relationship.

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Baarat Swaagat The bride's party welcomes the groom's party in front of the wedding shrine with the recitation of Vedic Mantras. The fathers of the bride and groom embrace each other Parichay The bride's mother and other respectable married ladies shower grains and wave lights over the groom to invoke the powers of prosperity and light over him. Var Mandap Pravesh The groom now enters the Mandap (wedding shrine). Vadhoo Mandap Pravesh The bride now enters the Mandap. Kanyadaan The father of the bride formally offers the r ight hand of his daughter, into the right hand of the groom, to signify consent for her being married to him.

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Jaimaal They both now garland each other to signify their own choice and acceptance of eachother . They chant together , "May all the cosmic powers unite our hearts, and as particles of water, once mixed, can never be separated, even so may our hearts be inseparable". Paani Grahan The groom stands with the bride still seated. He takes hold of her right hand, chanting, " I take your hand in mine for fortunes and happiness for both of us. Live with me up to the days of old age, for all the wise people present here and God Himself have consented into us getting married..." Pradakshina The groom leads the bride around the Havan Kunda three times, chanting, "I am Vishnu , you are Lakshmi. I am the Harmony of music, you are the words of wisdom. I represent heaven, while you are the earth itself, personified. Let us become one, with minds in harmony. Let us live a long life together, and while living, let us see and hear the best things in life".

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