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How did you use media technologies in the construction, research and planning, and evaluation stages?


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  How did you use media technologies in the construction, research and planning, and evaluation stages? :

  How did you use media technologies in the construction, research and planning, and evaluation stages?


Adobe Premiere Pro I was somewhat familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro at the start of my A2 Media course as we had to use it at AS Level, however at AS I didn’t do much editing and so wasn’t able to gain a thorough understanding of how the program works. Therefore at A2 the construction of my music video was also a learning process for me as I had to learn how to edit and create effects on premiere pro for my music video. Learning how to edit the clips and place them together was a fairly simple process and became easier as I became more familiar with the program. However creating effects on Premiere Pro was difficult for me as my attempts to create effects by following YouTube videos didn’t turn out how I wished. I watched various YouTube videos to try and create the ‘VHS’ effect as well as the ‘Ghost’ effect, but I found this quite hard and confusing. My attempts to create these effects looked nothing like the YouTube videos and so I had to find similar but more basic effects such as ‘ procamp ’ and ‘channel blur’. Overall learning how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro was fairly easy and helped to build my confidence with editing. Once I was comfortable with the program it made the construction of my video a lot easier, and despite having to use more simple editing effects I was happy with the end result of my music video.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign I was very familiar with Adobe Photoshop at the start of A2 Media as I’ve used it outside of school to create and edit various pieces of work. However I hadn’t used it in a while so at the very start of the year I somewhat struggled to find particular tools. After a short while I quickly became familiar with the program again and this made editing my magazine advert and digipak a lot easier. I used Photoshop to edit all the images used in both my digipak and magazine advert. I primarily used the ‘eyedropper’ and ‘brush’ tools to edit the features of my artist and give her a “flawless” look. The eyedropper tool helped me to find the perfect colours to match those on the existing image, where I then used the brush tool to cover up any blemishes. I also downloaded fonts and png files from the website ‘ DaFont ’ which I was able to use on my digipak and magazine advert. I felt that finding the right fonts was important as I wanted both of my products to look professional. Png files also added to the visual appearance of my advert and helped me to create the design I wanted. Adobe Photoshop was overall very easy for me to use and helped me to produce two final products that included all the conventions that I wanted. On the other hand, u sing Adobe InDesign was quite difficult for me as I’d never used it before. A lot of the controls were confusing as I didn’t know what their functions were, and so it took me a while to be able to use it comfortably. I used Adobe InDesign to help construct my digipak and design the layout of it. I was able to create a custom template of 6 pages (120mm x 120mm), and used it to piece together my digipak. I didn’t use this Adobe application a lot as I found it difficult to use and wasn’t familiar enough with it.


Canon 800D Camera I used my Canon 800D camera to do all the filming for my music video and to take the photo shoot of my artist for my magazine advert and digipak. I use my camera very often and do photography as a hobby, so I was easily able to conduct my photo shoot. I was also familiar with using the ‘video recording’ setting on my camera as I used it at AS Level to record my film opening. One problem that experienced when trying to record was choosing the video settings. This is because I wasn’t familiar with filming at night and this required different settings to filming in the day. I therefore watched a YouTube video on how to program my camera to the right settings and successfully changed it to the correct set up, then was able to easily record the scenes for my video. Conclusively, using my Canon 800D camera to film and take my photo shoot was an easy process for me. I was able to effectively direct my artist to do the lip syncing, poses and dance routine that I wanted her to do, overall making filming for my music video relatively easy.


Blogger & Embedding Websites I used Blogger throughout the course of my A2 Media project, which includes: research, planning, production and evaluation. I found that Blogger was quite an easy tool for me to use especially as I was already familiar with it from using it at AS Level. It was also a very simplistic website and so anyone visiting my blog would’ve been able to view it with ease. This would also be with the help of labels that I was able to add to organise all of my posts. Using Blogger helped me to keep a log of everything that I was doing throughout the year, and helped me to keep track of any outstanding work that I hadn’t yet done. It also allowed for me to be creative as I was able to personalise my blog and design the layout and background in ‘settings’. When creating my work I used a lot of alternate websites to Blogger including: Scrib’d , Padlet , Emaze , Prezi, AuthorStream to name a few. Using these websites and embedding my work into my blog allowed me to make it look more interesting. It was also beneficial as I was able to use particular websites for different types of work. For example, when posting my music video onto my blog I was able to embed it from YouTube. However a website such as YouTube wouldn’t be suitable for posting about the ‘Conventions of the R&B Genre’ so I was able to use a website such as Scrib’d . Overall Blogger was a very easy tool for me to use and helped me to improve my organisational skills. It also encouraged me to use alternate websites which I wasn’t quite familiar with at the start of the course. At A2 I did a lot more embedding of websites for my blog than I did at AS Level, which reflects that I was able to become a lot more familiar and comfortable with the website over the course of my A2 year.

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