Semiotic Deconstruction: Katy Perry - Roar

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Brief analysis of Katy Perry's music video 'Roar'


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Semiotic Deconstruction: Katy Perry - Roar:

Semiotic Deconstruction: Katy Perry - Roar


Mid-shot/long-shot: We are able to see Katy Perry’s negative facial and body codes which may be in accordance with the plane crash in the background. As we can also see boyfriend in the background - he may be seen as vain as he’s just taking pictures of himself. Her c lothes are torn ( however she is still covered up she is covered up) making her appear vulnerable and lost.


Mid-shot: Her boyfriend gets eaten by a tiger which essentially challenges the hegemonic notions of masculinity


Over-the-shoulder shot: She’s using her heels as weapons which somewhat subverts from the stereotypical representation of women.


Starting Transformation amplifies lyrics ‘zero to hero’ Mid-shot: Her clothes are becoming more revealing as she is increasingly empowered and confident


Notion of looking: V oyeuristic tone as she showers, however also may be viewed as empowering as she’s essentially ‘washing’ the past out of her hair (i.e. her old boyfriend) ; she’s a new woman now.


Intertextuality (Tarzan) a masculine figure: She is taking up this role and surviving herself Cuts: S imple and paced to the upbeat tempo sound of a pop song


Low-angle shot: The low-angle shot and her bodily codes (i.e. wide leg stance) reflects Katy Perry as a powerful and strong woman She may now been seen as independent and a survivor which challenges the normal stereotype of women. She ’s essentially helping to contribute to the empowerment of women in society


Bright colours : G enre convention of pop which will appeal to teenage fans (typically females) Costume has become more revealing: Potentially objectifying, however some may view it as empowering women and their beauty Confident stance/mid-shot: She takes up whole screen which emphasises her power and importance


Sh e was able to tame a wild animal which once again reflects her power and confidence; a lso reflects a sense of personality to audience


Direct address: Appealing to her fans to be champions too Close up construction of Star Prop: C rown may suggest that she is now the queen of the jungle

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