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Understanding 5Ss concept : 

Understanding 5Ss concept KAUSHER PARWEZ PGDM IB (A) ROLL.NO- 31

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Five s Technology

Kaizen ? : 

Kaizen ? The Japanese word kaizen which means change for good. Kaizen aims at making things easier by studying and improving them in an organized and efficient manner. It believe in small changes leading to large improvements.

Five Ss : 

Five Ss A management initiative to keep the workplace in order. It is an exercise for workplace transformation. Back office for integrated operations as a result of quality programmes. It originated in Japan as a work-environment enhancing measure, but the Japanese believe this visually-oriented exercise is useful not just for improving the physical environment, but also for improving Total Quality Management (TQM) processes.

Why Five Ss : 

Why Five Ss To ensures a safe, pleasant and efficient working environment.

Kaizen concept Five S terms : 

Kaizen concept Five S terms S1 : Shorting. S2 : Systematic Arrangement S3 : Spic & Span S4 : Standardization S5 : Self Discipline

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Organize workplace by removing unnecessary items. Means short the things in to two parts. Needs and Wants: Needed items are those that are critical in terms of the existence of the work place. Wanted items are those which maybe wanted but not needed from a Process point of view. Shorting (SEIRI) Sort out and discard the unnecessary

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Systematic Arrangement is the second stage in the five S process. It places things that are sorted in the first stage of five S in such a manner that they can be easily reached whenever they are needed. Neatly arrange. locate everything at the point of use. Systematic arrangement (SEITON)

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Clear your work place thoroughly It means clean and eliminate the source of the filth. (garbage) spic-n-span monitors whether the earlier steps (S1 and S 2) are being regularly and effectively carried out and the workspace is kept clean. Meaning with cleaning. Spic-n-span (SEISO)

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Maintain a standard Standardization is a step that involves creating rules, procedures, policies and standards, which are necessary to sustain the movement of the five S program. Standardization (SEIKETSU)

Kaizen concept : 

Kaizen concept Train people to be disciplined Self Discipline observe the rules once it is decided. This is likely to happen over a period of time and is the result of regular S1, S2, S3, and S4. Self discipline SHITSUKE

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