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Green Packaging :

Green Packaging Innovation of Technology : Eco friendly Presented by Presented to Arun Kumar Chopra Dr. Sanju Nanda M. Pharmacy Reader (Pharmaceutics) (Industrial Pharmacy) M. D. U., Rohtak


CONTENTS Introduction Role of Packaging Issues with packaging Strategies towards Greening Packaging Conclusion


Introduction Packaging is defined as the collection of different components which surround the pharmaceutical product from the time of production until its use. Primary package: The first wrap or containment of the product that directly holds the product for sale. Secondary package : A wrap or containment of the primary package. Distribution package (shipper): A wrap or containment whose prime purpose is to protect the product during distribution and to provide for efficient handling.

Packaging can have many levels. All levels of the system must work together:

Packaging can have many levels. All levels of the system must work together

Role of Packaging :

Role of Packaging


ISSUES WITH PACKAGING Climate Change Associated with the green house gas Natural Resource Depletion Scarcity of raw materials, many of which are used in the production of plastics, such as oil, natural gas, coal, and agriculture. Waste Creation Issues of capacity for garbage disposal Pollution With decreasing capacity for waste disposal, trash ends up contaminating ecosystems, such as waterways. Dangers to Human Health Concerns over the toxicity of different source materials

What is green packaging:

What is green packaging Environmentally friendly – Minimize adverse impacts • Sustainable – Basic idea: Operate in ways that meet current needs without adversely impacting ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Strategies towards Greening Packaging – The 5Rs:

Strategies towards Greening Packaging – The 5Rs

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Reuse:

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Reuse

Strategies towards Greening Packaging – Recycle:

Strategies towards Greening Packaging – Recycle

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Reduce :

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Reduce

Change packaging presentation :

Change packaging presentation Change from bottle/can to packs Same content in 1/3 material Savings in materials reduction & Transport. Re-designing packaging Reduce materials usage through decreasing Thickness. Reduce dimensions of carton boxes


Nanotechnology Reduce packaging materials through nanofillers Addition of nano-fillers improved mechanical properties. Less materials can be used for packaging meeting same performance (mechanical).

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Renewable :

Strategies towards Greening Packaging - Renewable


CONCLUSION In general, industries and industrial operations should be encouraged that are more efficient in terms of resource use, that generate less pollution and waste, that are based on the use of renewable rather than non-renewable resources, and that minimize irreversible adverse impacts on human health and the environment . While benefits of sustainable packaging might be obvious from an environmental perspective, for example reduced waste and resource conservation, it should also provide economic and social benefits.

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