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TARGET INNOVATIONS is located in the heart of Goa,India. TARGET INNOVATIONS is known as best packaging machine manufacturer, suppliers, dealers and exporters in Goa,India. APPLICATIONS: ** spices packaging machine ** sugar packaging machine ** salt packaging machine ** snacks,ready to eat food packaging ** POWDER packing machine ** tea packing machine ** tea packaging machine product Tag: vertical form fill seal machine, powder pouch packing machine,ffs ( form-fill-seal ) machine / ffs ( form-fill-seal ) machines manufacturers,ffs ( form-fill-seal ) machine / machines manufacturers from Goa + India.


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Packaging machines | target innovations, goa-india:

Packaging machines | target innovations, goa- india www.ffsmachines.com


COMPANY PROFILE T arget Innovations, has evolved to be one of the leading manufactures and exporter of vertical form-fill-seal machine (VFFS) machine/filler machine/cup filler machine/auger filler machines/snacks packing machine/confectionery packaging machine/ granular packaging machine/pouch packaging machine/packaging machine/machines from goa, India (ASIA). Over the years company has developed core strength in manufacturing and developing a comprehensive range of packaging machines that deliver quality, reliability & performance. These products are continuously updated to meet the requirements of our customers and to the latest industry standards. we are a customer-focused organization dedicated to providing professional technical support before, during and after the sales. ============================================== For further information's call us at .: + 91 22 27790077 Send e-mail enquiry at: sales@ffsmachines.com Service's : manufacturing , exporting , research and development. our range of products: filler machine, cup filler machine , auger filler machines, snacks packaging machines, confectionary items packaging machines, granules packaging machines, pouch packaging machines , salt & sugar packaging machine , spices pouch packaging machine.


VERTICAL FORM-FILL-SEAL MACHINE ( VFFS MACHINE). Target innovations are the leading manufacturers of ffs / Packaging machines from Goa (India). Vertical Form Fill Seal machine / Machines are used to pack powders & granules such as spices sugar ,salt ,tea , coffee, tobacco ,rice, pulses, dry milk powder, cashew nuts, dry fruits, wheat flour. APPLICATIONS: spices packaging machine sugar packaging machine salt packaging machine snacks , ready to eat food packaging POWDER packing machine tea packing machine tea packaging machine Contact : TARGET INNOVATIONS, INDIA URL .: www.ffsmachines.com mail to : sales@ffsmachines.com

Filling Machines to our valuable customers:

Filling Machines to our valuable customers Form fill seal machines are often divided into the types of packs they produce: Bags and Pillow packs  : flow-wrapper; lower reel flow-wrapper; vertical form fill and seal; stick pack machines; mandrel form fill seal. Bottles/vials  : blow fill seal. Cartons  : vertical carton board form fill seal. Pots trays and blisters  : cold form fill seal; thermoform fill seal; blister form fill seal. Sachets and Envelopes  : edge seal machine; horizontal form fill seal; vertical sachet form fill seal. Sacks and Bags  : tubular sack form fill seal and vertical form fill seal. Contact : TARGET INNOVATIONS, INDIA URL .: www.ffsmachines.com mail to : sales@ffsmachines.com

packaging Machine to our valuable customers:

packaging Machine to our valuable customers Products commonly associated with form/fill/seal include: Crisps; Nuts; Sugar; Rice; Pulses; Sweets & Confectionery; Sauces & Soups; Pet Foods; Grain; Jams & Preserves; Cakes; Bread; Biscuits; Tea Bags; Condiments; Tablets, Capsules and Pills, Greetings cards; Phone cards. • Ideal for all types of powders, liquid, paste, granules etc. • Maximum filling range from1gms to 1 kg (with different filling systems and machines) • Suitable for 3 side /4 side / centre seal of pouches • High performance filling systems attached like auger, cups, liquid pistons, weighers etc. • Available in single/double/multiple heads • High sealing capability with mechanical/pneumatic system • On line coding attachments (e.g. contact, Inkjet) • output : 25-100pouches/min Contact : TARGET INNOVATIONS, INDIA URL .: www.ffsmachines.com mail to : sales@ffsmachines.com

Post packaging solutions for packing machines:

Post packaging solutions for packing machines 01 – Online check weighers with metal detector system 02 – metal detector with conveyor system 03 – ferrous metal detector with conveyor System for aluminum packets 04 – conveyor system for product conveying 05 – Screw Conveyor for product transfer.

Wanted Agents - Worldwide:

Wanted Agents - Worldwide Our packing machines are gaining popularity in the world. To offer ever better service to our clients, we are set up an agent network worldwide and therefore sincerely seek for agents in various countries. We will assure our agents of quality products and favourable prices. Welcome to visit us and hold business talks with us. We will provide preferential services to promote agent activities and you will find your travel rewarding.



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Contact US : We are well-known specialist of weighing systems FOR Namkeen packing machine, auger base FFS machine, Multi Head weighers based FFS machines, ​​​​Goa: Reg. Office 13, Chase International || P.E. Jose Vaz Road || Vasco Da Gama || Goa || INDIA 403802 Tel: +91 832 2510840 , 65483119, 2555830 || Fax: +91 832 2500870, 2541214 Factory:  D 1/3 || Sancoale Industrial Estate || Zuarinagar  || Goa || INDIA 403726 Tel:  +91 832 2555630 , 2556801 || Fax: +91 832 2556701 Mumbai :  103, Hari Om Apts ,|| Patni Road || Sector 20B ||  Airoli  || Navi Mumbai || INDIA 400708 Tel: +91 22 27790077 || Fax: +91 22 27791313 EMAIL :- sales@ffsmachines.com URL :- www.ffsmachines.com

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