Why Catholic Church Honors Mary

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Why Catholic Church Honors Mary?


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Why Catholic Church Honors Mary? : 

Why Catholic Church Honors Mary?

Annunciation –March 25 : 

Annunciation –March 25 The appearance of the angel Gabriel to Mary and the announcement that Mary would conceive and bear a son, the Son of God.

Mary : 

The supreme model of Christian faith The first person to receive the good news. In Angelus – she said YES to all that God asked of her. “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done according to your word” Her faith made her become the mother of God’s Son, JESUS Mary

Magnificat : 

Magnificat The hymn of praise proclaimed by Mary during her visit to Elizabeth in Luke 1:46 -55. *When do we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. * Oct.7 – Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Some of Mary’s Titles : 

Some of Mary’s Titles Ark of Covenant as bearer of Jesus, God’s Word to human beings. Immaculate Conception Mary lived a sinless life, chosen by God from birth, to be the mother of the Lord (Dec. 8)

Slide 6: 

Refuge of Sinners helps us realize that we can call upon her to intercede for us, pray for our forgiveness, and comfort us in difficult times. Queen of Heaven tells that she is now in the presence of God. It sets her in the first place among people. Mother of Jesus and our Mother, too

Mary’s Rose Garden : 

Mary’s Rose Garden Rosary prayer to honor Mary and to reflect on the central events in the lives of Jesus and Mary “Bede” means prayer

Rosarium : 

Rosarium A 15th century collection of prayers and devotions to Mary which means “rose garden”. This is how the prayer we know the Rosary received its name

200 Hail Mary's : 

200 Hail Mary's in 5 decades. (A decade is a group of ten) Each decade begins with Our Father and ends with a Glory Be.

Joyful focus on the Incarnation and infancy of Jesus : 

Joyful focus on the Incarnation and infancy of Jesus 1.Annunciation of Angel Gabriel to Mary 2. Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth 3. The Birth of Jesus 4. Presentation of Jesus in the Temple 5. The Loss and Finding of Jesus in the temple.

Sorrowfulrecalls Jesus’ passion and death : 

Sorrowfulrecalls Jesus’ passion and death 1.Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane 2.Scourging at the Pillar 3. Crowning with Thorns 4. Carrying of the Cross 5. Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

Glorious reminds of the events that happened after resurrection : 

Glorious reminds of the events that happened after resurrection 1. Resurrection – (Easter Sunday) 2.Ascencion – (Thursday) 3. Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Pentecost Sunday) 4.Assumption of Mary into Heaven- (Aug.15) 5. Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

Mystery of Light or Luminous focus on the public ministries of Jesus : 

Mystery of Light or Luminous focus on the public ministries of Jesus Baptism of Jesus in River Jordan Wedding at Cana, Jesus’ first miracle Proclamation of the Kingdom of God with a Call to Conversion Transfiguration Institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper as the Sacramental Expression of the Paschal Mystery

Mysteries of the Rosary : 

Mysteries of the Rosary Joyful Mysteries – Monday and Saturday Sorrowful Mysteries –Tuesday and Friday Glorious Mysteries – Wednesday and Sunday Luminous Mysteries - Thursday

Marian Year : 

Marian Year (CBCP) Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines – strongly recommended the recitation of the rosary as the best and most efficacious prayer. Only two Marian years were pronounced by Pope Pius XII and Pope John II in 1953 & 1987 respectively

Liturgy of the Hours : 

Liturgy of the Hours The daily prayer of the Church There are 150 psalms in the Bible.

Pointers to Review : 

Pointers to Review The Sacraments The 7 Sacraments The Sacramentals The Catholic Church The Four Marks of The Church The Church Honors Mary The Titles of Mary/ The Rosary/ Mysteries of the Rosary

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