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My Favorite Flower:

My Favorite Flower Tips and hints to grow it at home

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I can still remember the first time I saw that flower that catch my attention in such an intense manner that now I have a garden with more than 15 different varieties. You could say it was a long time ago, I’m in my 30’s, but I can perfectly recall the day. This happen almost 20 years ago. My parents have always been into adventures. We took a trip to South America to the beautiful rainforest. A place so full of live, colors and water that is hard to imagine. The trip was long and hard we had to take more than 3 airplanes and then a 3 hour ride by boat that took us deep into the jungle. We started taking hikes every day, this place was so amazing for me , it was like going to your local florist but just with beautiful tropical flowers.

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Heliconias , psittacorum and the amazing bird of paradise where our daily plate. In fact they are so common, that local people don’t even pay attention to them, they call it “ platanillo ” or small banana. And I don’t even want talk about the fillers they are virtually everywhere. If you want a piece of jungle at home they can be found on wholesale flowers sites !! One day we were a on a trekking through the primary forest, for those haven’t been there, this is the real jungle filled up with huge trees over 50 ft . Suddenly, this magic tree appear, at least 8 different species of orchids lived on all of the branches each one with its unique bright colors and shapes, this is when I totally fall for this flower T he best part is that girls absolutely love them, and they will love you too . Fresh cut flowers are easily found online. Send your girl a tropical flower they’re cool and youthful.

General tips to grow orchids :

General tips to grow orchids Ventilation Orchids need a good air flow in the green house. If you don’t feel comfortable inside air maybe too humid for them too. Watering It’s difficult to determine when to water your plants, this may vary for different species. If the plant is in growing stage, developing new leaves and roots, watering should be frequent. When it’s on a flowering stage watering should be every other day . Lightning Orchids can grow with shadow or direct sunlight. A good way of telling whether or not your orchids need light is by its leaves. If they are thick and stiff, you should improve the lightning. If they are soft and wide they need a shaded place on your green house.

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