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Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach : 

Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach Chapter 3 Media

Media : 

Media Media – the actual material substances used to create an artwork. Supports and Grounds Support – the surface or material that underlies the artwork. Ground – the surface upon which a drawing is made. Gesso – white paint like substance that is brushed onto paper or canvas to serve as a ground.

Disciplines : 

Disciplines Disciplines – the various branches of art Drawing Printmaking Painting Sculpture Performance Technology Based Media Crafts

Two-Dimensional ArtDry Media : 

Two-Dimensional ArtDry Media Drawing– one of the oldest disciplines in the history of art. Pencil – a graphite rod in a wood or metal holder. Charcoal– a carbon stick created from burnt wood. Chalk and pastels – colored materials held together by wax or glue shaped into sticks. Silverpoint drawing – produced by a thin stylus made of silver that leaves marks on a prepared support such as paper or wood.

Wet Media : 

Wet Media Ink, pen, and brush – the combination of lines made by pen marks and washes applied by brush.

Printmaking : 

Printmaking Relief – areas not to be printed are cut away from the printing surface, so that the areas to be printed are left higher. Intaglio – cutting into a flat surface usually a metal plate, ink is applied to the cutaway area. Lithography – starts with a drawing created with an oily crayon, pencil, or liquid on limestone slab or a metal surface. Serigraphy – screen printing, a stencil is attached to a piece of finely woven fabric.

Painting : 

Painting Pigments – intense colors in powder form, derived from animals, plants, minerals, and synthetic chemicals. Binders- the substance into which then is blended. Binders can range from egg yolk to wax, glue, various oils, and acrylic liquid mediums.

Painting : 

Painting Encaustic – an ancient form of painting. Pigments are mixed into hot beeswax. Fresco – buon fresco (true fresco) is finely ground pigment suspended in water and applied to a wet plaster surface. Fresco secco – paint is applied to dry plaster Tempera – water based paint that is made by mixing pigments with egg yolk or other natural synthetic binders. Watercolors – pigments suspended in a a gum Arabic binder, which is a natural water soluble glue. Oil Paint – blended powder pigments with oil. Acrylic – pigment blended with a synthetic polymer liquid binder.

Three Dimensional Art : 

Three Dimensional Art Freestanding – sculptures that are meant to be seen from all sides. Relief – sculpture to be seen only from the front. Site-Specific – made to stay in the environment it was created in. Kinetic – movement in art.

Types of sculptures : 

Types of sculptures Carving – artists carve away unwanted areas. Modeling – pushing or pulling a malleable substance such as clay or wax. Assembling – assembled works made of various parts that are then put together. Installations – usually mixed media artworks designed for a specific interior or exterior space.

Performance : 

Performance Performance – a live action event that is staged as an artwork.

Technology-Based Media : 

Technology-Based Media Photography – a light sensitive surface as film is exposed to light through a lens. Digital imaging – involves the computer-based storage of still or moving images as digital information, with or without sound. Photomontage – a composition of many photographs or of one photograph using many prints to create a new image.

Craft : 

Craft Ceramics Glass Wood Metalwork and jewelry Fiber

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