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R E S T O R L Y F : 


Aging is Normal : 

Aging is Normal Is this a healthy way to restore life?

Factors That Accelerate Aging : 

Factors That Accelerate Aging Overwhelming Stress Oxidative Damage Loss of Sleep Hormonal Imbalances DeadlinesDebt/FinancesLayoffsSeparationsIdentity TheftTerrorismCrimePollutionGlobal WarmingTrafficMedical BillsFood SafetyExams/SchoolGriefMedicationsWarDisconnected FamilyCar repairsNatural Disastersetc.

How to Gain Longevity? : 

How to Gain Longevity? Protect your Heart Cardiovascular aging is responsible for most age-related disease and death Prevent Inflammation Inflammation plays a central role in the development of plaque Protect your Mitochondria The powerhouse for every cell Lost with age, stress, & toxic exposure

Where to Find Longevity? : 

Where to Find Longevity? Its not found in a fountain of youth but rather in the compounds plants make to protect and prolong their life.

What Are These? : 

What Are These? Naturally occurring polyphenols produced by some long-living plants in response to injury, fungal infection, and other stressors that would shorten lifespan Known as Longevity Polyphenols (LPs) Trans-LP-3-sulfate -- Trans-LP-4'-sulfate Trans-LP-3,5-disulfate -- Trans-LP-3,4'-disulfate Trans-LP-3,4',5-trisulfate -- LP aglycone Trans-LP-3-O-β-D-glucuronide

How Do They Work? : 

How Do They Work? Longevity polyphenols activate SIRT1 enzyme SIRs regulate gene silencing, DNA repair, rDNA recombination, and ageing, in addition to regulating programmed cell death Increasing SIRT1 has been found to protect cells against free radical (ROS) production and DNA damage, thereby reducing cell death They mimic the effects of dietary restriction.

Where Do You Get Them? : 

Where Do You Get Them? They are found in the vines, stalks, seeds, and skins of grapes Highest amount in the skins Much higher amounts in red wine A unique source is the roots and stems of Japanese knotweed With both cis- and trans-stereoisomers Restor Lyf is a synergistic formulation of several Longevity Polyphenols

Restor Lyf Formulates Longevity : 

Restor Lyf Formulates Longevity Grape Seed Extract 95% Longevity polyphenols Japanese Knotweed 50% Longevity polyphenol Red Wine Extract 30% Longevity polyphenols Concentrated Red Wine All the longevity w/o alcohol

Science for the Longevity Polyphenol : 

Science for the Longevity Polyphenol Prevents pulmonary hypertension(AHA Hypertension July 13, 2009) In an animal model study conducted at Harvard Medical School and National Institute on Aging: Lived over 30% longer Experienced increased insulin control Improved motor function & mitochondria production (Nature. 2006;444:337-42) Prolongs life span (Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 294: H2721-H2735, 2008. April 18, 2008)

Science for the Longevity Polyphenol : 

Found to have a positive impact on obesity: Hindered fat storage Reduced levels of inflammatory compounds Increased levels of adiponectin Hormone that regulates fatty acid catabolism Promotes sensitivity to insulin Modulates pathomechanisms of debilitating neurological disorders, such as strokes, ischemia, and Huntington's & Alzheimer’s diseases (Brain Res Rev. 2006 Sep;52(2):316-26) Science for the Longevity Polyphenol

Smokers Take Special Note : 

Smokers Take Special Note Cigarette smoke constituents cause: Mitochondrial dysfunction and damage Heart and artery damage from inflammation Significant oxidative DNA damage (cancer) These longevity polyphenolics prevent: Cigarette smoke stress and inflammation DNA damage/modification Dysfunction in carotid arteries Smoking-induced cell death in the arteries and mitochondrial loss

Safety & Bioavailability : 

Safety & Bioavailability Persons taking blood-thinning medications should use with caution. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to avoid use due to theoretical phytoesterogenic activities. These polyphenols are known to be easily absorbed from the digestive track.

Restor Lyf Longevity : 

Restor Lyf Longevity Comprehensive, Unique, and Standardized blend of Longevity Polyphenols 1 to 2 v-cap dose per day Made by the premium quality herb company with the greatest longevity Brought to you by:

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