Arthur Kanev A Modern Approach


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Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist with many years of experience in the field, who has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft. What Arthur learned the most during his time in dentistry is the importance of upkeep, prevention and regular oral hygiene. Arthur says that many expenses, cavities and gum disease in the dental world could be avoided with just proper maintenance and good oral hygiene habits. Arthur practices the idea that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and just by flossing and brushing daily, regular hygiene appointments as well as using a good mouth rinse prevent dental disease.


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Arthur Kanev A Modern Approach:

Arthur Kanev A Modern Approach Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist who has now dedicated himself to the mission of God, spreading his word and improving the lives of the less fortunate through his local church. Arthur says that it is a very rewarding and fulfilling mission, but something that has drastically changed from when he was a youth. Arthur says that he has always been close to the church, which has a great influence on him dedicating his retirement to missionary work. Arthur says however that now both the church and society have changed significantly, becoming more open and forthright much larger and forthright, bring able to adapt to the omnipresent technology that is so prevalent today. Arthur says that the modern day invention of the internet was so impactful . Arthur says that the Church accepts the internet because they believe it is an advent of god, something that allows the Church and the preachers within to share their message directly via written words, video uploads and advanced marketing techniques.

Arthur Kanev Always Learning:

Arthur Kanev Always Learning Arthur Kanev is an individual who has dedicated himself entirely to spreading the message about the grace of God, something he says is always changing. Arthur says that working for the church is very fulfilling and demanding, mostly because he is always learning something new about himself and God respectively. Arthur says that it speaks to how amazing God is and that even after many years life still manages to surprise him and teach him something new. Arthur says that these novel experiences often include a new perspective, which induces him relearn old lessons that he has already experienced. Arthur says that this is evidence of the complexity of life and that God has a plan for all of his children.

Arthur Kanev God's Will:

Arthur Kanev God's Will Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist who has now spent his retirement working for his local church to help spread the message and glory of God. Arthur says that he cannot think of a more rewarding or challenging career than spreading the word of God, showing people the extend of his grace and power, and helping to better the quality if life for those less fortunate. Arthur says that working for God's will can be complicated however. Though the underlying ideas do not change, the ways that you accomplish them constantly shift and grow, changing in a way that makes you have to remain diligent and fastidious. Arthur says that carrying out God's will is one of the greatest callings that a man can embark upon, and the journey will not just change your perspective of God, but of everything in life, turning you in to somebody entirely different.

Arthur Kanev A Special Moment:

Arthur Kanev A Special Moment Arthur Kanev is a retired dentist who now spends his spare time helping to spread the word and grace of God. Arthur says that God works in very mysterious ways, and always amazes him in one form or another, no matter how much he believes that he knows. Arthur says that when it is all said and done, you can and most likely will forget all of the little details of life, but not those special momentous and meaningful occasions that stick out starkly in contrast to all of the dull everyday moments of life. Arthur says that it is special moments like these that bring us closer to God and gives us a better idea of his grace and raw depth. Arthur says that it is these moments that help shape and grow us, preparing us to be reunited with God. Arthur says that though God gave us life to prepare us for his grace.


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