Top Features of Android Marshmallow Going to Release on October 2016


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The top features of Android Marshmallow are totally exciting and worth having it in our smartphones. These are the top features that we are going to have in Android M.


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• The Android’s latest update that is the “Android M” the “M” which stands for “Marshmallow” . • It is surely an extension to all the different features and functions in the “Android Lollipop”. • In this presentation we will take a dig at some of the major features of Google’s latest version of the OS. • Confusion for everyone soon once it is released would be whether it is worth having it in our Android Device. • Here are some top features of Android Marshmallow that we were able to dig up from the latest news and rumors about it.

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• By looks visual appearance Android M is similar to Android Lollipop in lot of ways but there are some differences in few areas. 1 Lock screen : Lock screen of Android M is similar to Android Lollipop but instead of the dialer shortcuts at the bottom the M has an integral Voice command as an update.

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2 App Drawer : • App Drawer which was down during the developer preview and now you can scroll through the list bar or jump right to the particular alphabet that you are looking for using the bar at the right. 3 Notifications and settings : • Quick setting will allow you the access to the slider for Brightness Wi-Fi settings Bluetooth Mobile Data. • Quick settings area expands a little further displays percentage for the battery carrier information and a short cut to the settings Menu.

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Tap to Get Google Now : • One of the biggest additions in the update in the Android Marshmallow is the tap for Google Now. • The Google now on a tap is a short cut to search for any information and long pressing on home screen button will activate the Google Now on tap.

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• The marshmallow takes the Androids clock a step ahead with a redesigned stylish clock on the wall. • This one gives a sharper and better visual personality. • The date and all the texts are written in capital letters and also the fonts are much thicker than it was earlier.

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1 App permissions : • App Permission gives you the control of whether app has any kind of access to sensitive information it won’t be used by anyone unless you give permission for it. 2 Fingerprint API : • Finally the fingerprint scanner will be introduced for the first time in the Android Marshmallow. • The latest new nexus devices already has the fingerprint sensor.

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3 App Backup : • The Marshmallow now offers a strong and automatic back up for both the apps and all the data in your device. 4 Smart Lock in Marshmallow : • The Smart Lock provides the options to unlock the device or auto lock the device in different situations. • The Smart lock uses a trusted device like a paired smart watch or a blue tooth speaker.

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• With the arrival of Fingerprint scanner for the Marshmallow devices the Android Pay will also be introduced with it. • The Android Pay is a payment system just like the Apple Pay and the Samsung Pay. • The Android Pay will require an NFC equipped terminal though it is easy to set up. • We can expect a lot more from the Android Pay by its release this year.

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