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Top 15 Personal Finance Tips By ArthaYantra India’s First Robo Advisor

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• Investing in ELSS is a more convenient choice for Tax Savings as it has the LEAST lock-in period 3 years as compared to other Tax Saving Instruments Personal Finance Tip 15

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• Investing for Tax Savings is a very bad idea. Investments should be based on your goals and include the tax Saving instruments while planning because all Tax Saving Instruments come with a lock- in period. Personal Finance Tip 14

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Personal Finance Tip 13 • January February March is a Killer quarter for Salaried professionals. This is when most of the Financial mistakes are committed by them to save Tax. Talk to a Financial Planner today to know if you should actually be saving Tax or not.

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Personal Finance Tip 12 • Do you know that by reducing just 2 cigarettes a day 10x2Rs. 20 you will save Rs. 7200 per annum That’s approximately the cost of a Family Floater Health Plan which reduces your risk when you fall sick.

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Personal Finance Tip 11 • It’s very important to share Personal Finance details like Insurance Mutual Funds Home Loan Insurance etc that one holds with family members / nominees. This would help them in case of an unfortunate event.

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Personal Finance Tip 10 • Investments should never be made to double the money that you have. Instead Investments should be made to achieve financial goals in a disciplined way without looking for any shortcuts. It is only through discipline that wealth can be accumulated.

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Personal Finance Tip 09 • The only way to build wealth is by Discipline It is important to note that no one can time the markets. If somebody had a genie to tell them when to buy and when to sell wouldn’t they all be Millionaires by now

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Personal Finance Tip 08 • Age – 35 – Investments per month – 8000 INR Corpus accumulated at retirement – 1.2 crore INR • Age 25 – Investments per month – 4000 INR Corpus accumulated at retirement – 1.6 crore INR That’s the power of compounding • Start investing early it can be as low as 500 or 1000 per month too

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Personal Finance Tip 07 • Track all your expenses so that you can identify the areas where you are spending more This will help you to have control over your expenses

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Personal Finance Tip 06 • An old saying goes “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” Similarly we should always diversify our investments into various Asset Classes while making Investments for our financial goals

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Personal Finance Tip 05 • Anytime is a good time to invest Don’t try to time the market Invest your money for long term to get good returns from your Investments.

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Personal Finance Tip 04 • We usually Save and Invest only from the money left after all our expenses It would be a good practice to include Investments into our committed expenses. That way it would ensure we definitely do Invest every month.

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Personal Finance Tip 03 • Even though they appear to give you all the convenience Credit Cards on an average charge around 40 Annual Interest. Avoid Plastic Money.

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Personal Finance Tip 02 • We should always control our expenses in such a way that we are able to save at least 30 of our income every month for a healthy financial future. This would ensure adequate investments to meet future financial goals.

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Personal Finance Tip 01 • Every person on an average faces 3 Emergencies in life like accident loss of job etc. Emergencies don’t give a ring before they come. Always keep 3 months of expenses as an Emergency Fund to take care of any Financial Emergency.

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