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FORMATION OF MUSLIM LEAGUE Emergence of Muslim communalism. Demand for communal representation. Establishment of Muslim league.


OBJECTIVES To make the students enable to understand the role of Muslim league during the national movement. To make the students understand that how the Britishers played the policy of divide and rule in our country. To make the students enable to understand the meaning of communalism.

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Establishment Of Muslim League

Meaning of communalism : 

Meaning of communalism When a group of people or community living together with another group or community, began to identify its interests and try to separate these from the interests of other group, this process is called communalism.

Emergence of Muslim communalism : 

Emergence of Muslim communalism The ground for the establishment for the organisation of a party to promote the political interests of the Muslims had been prepared before the end of the 19th century.The three Principals of the Aligarh college played a dicisive role in injecting the virus of separatism and communalism among the Muslims.

Principal Beck : 

Principal Beck He was the chief instrument in bringing about the tragic transformation in Sir Syed Ahmed Khan from a progressive nationalist into a reactionary communalist.

Principal Archibald : 

Principal Archibald Muslim. He further strengthened the bonds of Anglo-Muhammadan friendship. He succeeded in persuading the Muslims to send a Muslim deputation to Simla to the Governor General Minto to press the demands.

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Demand for communal representation : 

Demand for communal representation On1st October 1906, a Muslim delegation headed by H. H. Agha Khan, the spritual leader of a Muslim sect waited upon Lord Minto, the Governer General, at Simla with an address believed to have been drafted by Mr. Archibald. Encouraged by the success of the delegation, the Muslims decided to organise their political organisation known as Muslim League which aimed to protect the interests of the Muslims and to support the British.

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It was established on 30th December 1906 at Dacca under the leadership of Agha khan, Nawab Salimullah of Dacca and Nawab Moinuddin Malik. ESTABLISHMENT

Objectives of Muslim League : 

Objectives of Muslim League To promote among the Musalmans of India the feeling of loyality to the British Government. To protect the political and other rights of Indian Muslims. To prevent the rise among the Muslims of India of any feelings of hostility towards other communities without prejudice to the other two objects mentioned above.

Government of India Act- 1909 : 

Government of India Act- 1909 Becide the other provisions the main provision of this act was to introduce the separate electorate for the Muslims. Provision of separate electorate was opposed by the Congress but it was supported by the Muslim League.


DEVELOPMENTS AFTER 1910 Withdrawl of the partition of Bengal in 1911 by the British. Entry of Md. Ali Jinnah into Muslim League. Beginning of the First World War. Change in attitude of the Muslim league leaders towards British.

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Congress-League Pact


CONGRESS-LEAGUE PACT Lukhnow Session of Congress-1916 at

Background of the pact : 

Background of the pact In 1913,a leader of the congress, Mohd. Ali Jinnah entered in the Muslim league. He was asked to do so by the congress leadership so that the policies of the muslim league could be formulated as progressive and suited to the national interests. This is why that congress and league came closer to each other and a pact was signed between them to work toghether.

Two Nation Theory : 

Two Nation Theory By the 1930’s the honeymoon between the congress and the league began to over.Muslim league under Jinnah began to propagate the two nation’s theory. League demanded that Hindus and the Muslims are the two nations in India. This theory increased the communal tension in the country.

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PAKISTAN RESOLUTION- 1940 In 1940, the Lahore session of Muslim league passed a resolution demanding the partition of the country and the creation of separate homeland for the Muslims which was to be called Pakistan. This plan envisaged that the Punjab, North west frontier province, Jammu and Kashmir and Sindh should be formed into a separate Muslim state.

India Partitioned : 

India Partitioned By the end of 1946, the communal problem was increased aggravated. The congress leaders were also convinced that there was no way out to resolve the deadlock except the partition of the country. On June 3, 1947, the plan for the establishment of two separate dominions of India and Pakistan was announced by Lord Mountbatten which was accepted by Congress and Muslim league.

Creation of Pakistan : 

Creation of Pakistan On August 12, 1946, the viceroy invited Jawaharlal Nehru to form an interim government at the centre. The Muslim league refused to join the interim government and decided to start direct action to achieve Pakistan. Wide spread communal riots started taking place. Later on Muslim league also joined the interim government but it did not joined the constituent assembly.

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