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OBJECTIVES Introduction Taseesi & Tashkeeli Dor (Dor-e-Arab) Dor-e-Satar Fatimi Dor (The Golden Period) Dor-e-Almaut Dor-e-Baad Almaut Aga Khan Period

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Introduction of History History (def): History is the study (teaching) of the past, with special attention to the written record of the activities of human beings over time. Scholars who write about history are called Historians. Historical Thinking (def): Historical thinking is defined by many education resources as a set of reasoning skills that students of history should learn as a result of studying history.

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Taseesi & Tashkeeli Dor Also known as Madni Dor Starts from 610(A.D) till 765(A.D) It consist period of Prophet Mohammad P.B.U.H till Imam Jaffer Sadiq Main Events: Division of Shias and Sunnis and Battle of Karbala

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Front Karbala View ..

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Imam Zain ul Abadin Brought to Yazeed Darbar .. Imaginary Pic

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Dor-e-Satar From this Period Ismaili History formally begins Starts from Imam Ismail till Imam Mehdi’s zahoor to South Africa i.e from 765(A.D) till 909(A.D) Taqiya was observed Foundation of fatimid empire was placed in this period Head Quarters were Shaam and Iraq Main events : Diversion Of Shia Ismailies and Shia Isnasharee

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Painting of Shaam … Beautiful Scenery ..

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Fatimi Dor 3 Centuries later of Hijrat of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) from Mecca to Madina, Fatimid Period started. It is Golden period of Muslims particularly Ismaili Muslims. Started From 909(A.D) till 1094(A.D) Imam Mehdi’s Zahoor to South Africa till Imam Mustansirbillah Main Events: Al Azhar University Dar ul Ilm Dar ul hikmat Diversion of Nizari Ismailies and Musteilwi Ismailies Fatimid Empire ended in 1171 (A.D)

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Dor-e-Almaut Fort of Almaut was captured in 1090(A.D) by Sayedna Hassen-e-Sabah. But this period started from 1094(A.D) and lasts till 1256(A.D) Imam Nizar till Imam Ruknudin khursha Main Library of Almaut was also destroyed by Changezi in 1256(A.D)

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Dor-e-Baad Almaut Starts from Imam Shamsuddin Mohammad till Imam Hassan Ali Shah’s migration to Indo-Pak. From 1256(A.D) till 1841(A.D). Strict Taqiya was observed. Main Event: Diversion of Nizari Group into Qasim Shahi and Mohammad Shahi Groups.

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Halaku Khan & Army Attacking ALMAUT

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MONGOLS ATTACK to other Ismaili Forts ..

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Aga Khan Period Starts from 1841(A.D) and continue… Imams of this Period are: Imam Hassan Ali Shah ( Aga Khan I ) Imam Ali Shah ( Aga Khan II ) Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah ( Aga Khan III) Noor Mawlana Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam ( Aga Khan IV )

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Aga Khan Period Imam Hassan Ali Shah ( Aga Khan I ) Period of Imamat: 1233 (A.H) till 1298 (A.H) 1817 (A.D) till 1881 (A.D) Birth and Childhood: Born in 1219 (A.H) / 1804 (A.D). Son of Imam Khalillulah and Bibi Sarkara (D/o Pir Mohammad Bakir) Married to Princess Saro-e-Jahan Khannum.

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Aga Khan Period Surrounding World: Iran was ruled by Kachar Family Napoleon captured France and came in agreement with Iran in 1807 (A.D) 1222 (A.H) Iran also came into an agreement with British. Imam’s stay at Mahlaat: Conflict of Haji Abdul Mohammad Mahlati and visit of King Wazir Mirza Akasi in 1256 (A.H) / 1840 (A.D)

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Aga Khan Period Imam’s family went to Iraq Imam Left on 4th Rajab 1256 (A.H) / September 1840 (A.D) for Sindh. Stay at Jhirk and Iran’s opposition: Agreement b/w Iran and Britain in 1814(A.D) / 1230 (A.H). Imam’s Visit to Bombay in 1261 (A.H) / December 1844 (A.D). Imam was Forced to shift Calcutta in 1263 A.H) / April 1847 (A.D).

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Aga Khan Period Imam’s stay at Bombay: Khowaja Case ( 12 November 1866, Judge Arnold ) Imam’s Death: 1298 (A.H) / 12 April 1881

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Aga Khan Period Imam Ali Shah ( Aga Khan II ) Imamat: 1298 (A.H) till 1302 (A.H) 1881 (A.D) till 1885 (A.D) Imam had 3 sons: Pir Shahbuddin Shah or Pir Khalillulah ( 1302 A.H / 1885 A.D at Age of 33) Agah Noor Shah Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah

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Aga Khan Period Member of Imperial Council President of National Association Imam Died on Monday 14 August 1885 / 1302 (A.H) in Poona.

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Aga Khan Period Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah ( Aga Khan III ) Imamat: 1302(A.H) till 1376 (A.H) 17 August 1885(Monday) till 11 July 1957 At the Age of 7yrs 9mnths 16dys Social And Educational Services to Muslims of Indo-Pak: Visited Aligarh on 22 November 1896 / 1314 (A.H) Leaded Simla Deputation Founder and president of Muslim League.

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Aga Khan Period Headed 1st Roundtable Conference. Books By Aga khan III India in Transition. Memories of Aga Khan Services to Muslim World Muslims of Africa were major focus. Wrote many articles in context of Islam in European Newspapers and Journals. President of League of Nations.

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Aga Khan Period Guidance to spiritual Followers: DJ schools Co-operative Banks Quality Teachers Scholarships Loans Maternity Homes Sports Complexes

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Aga Khan Period Arbitration and Conciliation Board. Haji Bibi Case (1908 , justices Russel) Death of Imam: Imam (A.S) died on 11 July 1957 in Geneva, after 72 years of Imamat. Roza Mubarak is in Misar , Aswan ( Near river Nile)

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